Saturday, January 9, 2010

oh HEY!

Long time no post eh?

Well....lots of stuff has been happening in my life lately, like getting a job! it makes me excited to get it, ive been there for about a month now, and its going pretty well for me. Another exciting thing is that...I bought a CAR! Yep I have a set of wheels to call my own, and truth be told, I should be driving it around way more often than i do.

However, i was tossed into a little debt after that purchase, so i owe some people money which is why im working like crazy. Tying to get some overtime from the boss people to help pay off my car but it runs like a dream.

I traveled to Oregon and back with the car and it ran very nicely, albeit a bit colder than the previous cars ive driven, but its ok.

The big announcement? it was supposed to be a video of me playing a game and doing commentary on it, but I think im going to have to make it post-video to get it up there, so I can watch it as it happens and get it out there. Anyway that was the big thing, but other things quickly got in the way.

Also ive had my iPhone for over a year now, and that makes me happy(though its sitting on my bed with a dead battery at the moment) but its been quite fun having my email and Facebook around all the time. I think im going to make this post short and call it a night since im having a hard time keeping my eyes open.

Good night everyone.