Monday, May 28, 2007

Mental Note: Taking over the World

Lets imagine for a moment that a person is actually trying to take over the world. I have to ask: if they are doing it for a good purpose, why should we stop them? I mean, if hypothetically I wanted to take over the world, get rid of debt for various nations and enact a world currency, would that be so wrong? Now, not to be confused with people who want to take over the world for all the wrong reasons like material gains and whatnot. If a person wants to take over the world and help it at the same time, I believe they should be given a chance; because sometimes thats all a person needs to succeed.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Menal Note: Shipping stuff.

If you ever decide to take the plunge and order something from and have it shipped to the store; you are in for quite the surprise. It takes 'officially' 7-10 days to reach the store, but for me its already been almost two weeks now and still no sign of my 500 dollar computer in their system. The worst part is that they cannot even track what goes on their trucks.

I think there is a solution to that. Using GPS and a tracking system for each piece of stuff, they could track where the trucks are, and where the stuff actually is, rather than simply saying on their site that its 'shipped'. I know this was more of a ramble than anything, but this is the Mental Note for the day: If you order something online, pay the extra fee to have it directly shipped to your residence so you are able to keep track of it.

Monday, May 21, 2007

First Mental Notes!

Welcome to my Mental Notes! Ever have those times when you wish you had a sheet of paper handy to write something important down? my mind those are called Mental Notes, and I use them all the time...Some of them are really good, some are a little loopy, but all in all; they work for me and now I get to share them with the world. Since this is the first post, I guess this is where someone would make a great big speech, which I just did...

So...Uh...These will just be mostly my thoughts on things that affect me, and sometimes I will take on the world and ask some questions too.