Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mental Note: Something You Love...

I came to a realization. I am Otaku. I obsess over when the next Anime Convention is, who I am going to Cosplay as, and more importantly, I want rather pricey figurines that I cant afford right now. There is one catch to this however; I love being an Otaku. It makes my heart all fuzzy when I think of how much stuff I have collected. Upon my volumes of Anime and Manga, and growing number of figurines with two more in the processes of being added; I am not ashamed. This is what I love.
I constantly listen to various opening themes of Anime that I like and download AMVs made by other people and have made videos as well. if I did not have Anime...I really don't know where I would have wound up. All I know is this: Anime is my passion and anyone who does not like it; take a hike.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Mental Note: Anime Expo 2007

This entry doubles as a con-report. I have been attending AX for the past four years, and I must say, this is one of the best ones I have ever been to. First off, the registration line was quick, it took me less than an HOUR to get my badge and get to wandering around. The Artist Alley was amazing, as they gave them lots of room to spread out their tables and such; it was kind of hard wandering through there with the Video Game, and Workshop room right there but we managed. The Dealer's Room was neatly organized by rows separated by numbers, making finding a certain dealer a snap.

Of course with the good, must come the bad. I realize that there are things that happen outside one's control. Waiting in the AMV line for over two hours was brutal. Until the sun went down under the buildings, then it was all right.

As for the Cosplay this year, there were lots of really stunning Costumes that people made and wore. It made me really happy that I was also able to attend in costume. I cosplayed Phoenix Wright from the Capcom game series and people responded extremely well to it. I think Ive found a costume I can wear anywhere, since its a nice suit outside of Cosplay as well. I also did a first at this years Anime Expo: I made a gathering. Whats a gathering you ask? Well, quite simply, its a group of people who get together from the same game/anime/manga. We had a really good turnout, I counted at least 42 people in one shot.

Well...this is my AX con report, I know its still 300+ days away, but I'm excited for next year's AX!