Monday, December 10, 2012

thinking about moving.

So.  Ive been thinking recently.  maybe calgary is tapped out for me.  i would like to be closer to my family and that maybe ive outgrown my hometown.  I know where all of the good stuff is here in ol Cow-Town. 

Calgary just feels stale for some reason, like theres not a whole lot happening here, either with my job or social wise.  and a place ive been thinking about moving to is Vancouver.

now hear me out: its right on the coast, an 8 hour drive to my family or a really short plane ride or train hop, and with my job I can move anywhere in canada and have both my job and my pay-rate.  i mean sure calgary is my hometown but it only lasts for so long that a place feels stale and unexciting.

i looked at places to rent in vancouver and the surrounding area.  check this out: a basement suite with a gas fireplace and one bedroom at 700 square feet i can get for less than 800$ a month!  with all utilities included!  its crazy!  I pay the same amount for less than half the space!  so its something to consider for me, if things dont work out with my current love interest.

being closer to my family is important for me and if that means moving away from my hometown of 4 years then so be it.  besides, i think i might be done with all this crazy 'snow' stuff.  I love how it makes everything white but to drive in it is something completely different.  it sucks.

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