Sunday, August 31, 2008 OH WOW!

Its raining. I hate the rain. I wouldn't mind mind if it was raining with sunshine like it sometimes does in St. George, but when its like this...overcast, cold and wet; count me out. Some people love the rain; I am not one of those people. I can live in a really cold place, the cold weather doesn't bother me much at all; but when its wet and cold, that I cannot stand.

UPDATE TO POST: so I logged to just now and there is a Severe Weather warning right on the page Eugene's weather This is what it says: A funnel cloud touched down around the Eugene Airport around 3:16 today... Can you believe it? A funnel cloud here in Oregon! I'm used to hearing that about the Windy Valley and other spots but not in Oregon! This has me both scarred and excited at the same time, since I've never seen a real funnel cloud before, and the frightening fact that it could form into a full blown Tornado.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Update!

Yes, an update has come your way! Its little things, like tinkering with my Blogger page to make it more efficient and whatnot. What really interests me is the Followers thing that Blogger is making... It would be cool to be able to go back to your blogs and read them. I have the hit counter, but...that's so...90's.

Anyway, they(my mom's family) have a moving van and have started to load stuff on it, so the whole 'moving to California' is really happening. Its kind of interesting, since my he(the stepdad) has lived in Oregon for most of his life and really likes it here. Of course the two stepsisters have lived their lives here too, so its a different kind of shock to see him go through all of this for my Mother's sake.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An Update!

Yes! no reviews on video games/manga/anime/anything else here! An actual update about my life, though most of my family knows this already: I am...moving to California! Yes, land of Sun, Surf and BABES! Sorry, I got a little carried away there... I will be moving to Monterrey Bay area with my Mother and her step-family. Its a good thing I started cycling more and more...its helping me loose weight and save on gas at the same time! DOUBLE POINTS!!

So it will be goodbye to the 8 months of rain that Western Oregon is so familiar with, and hello to 10-11 months worth of sunshine! And since Ive been cycling more and more, I have gotten a TAN! Yea, a real-life tan! My arms are much darker than they ever were, so Im already getting myself to fit into California! I wonder if I should put some blond highlights in my hair...or maybe red to match my goatee?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kicks and Giggles...

LOL I just found this for kicks and makes me laugh. I dont know why, but tickles my funny bone.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Review: Stong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

*whew*! that was a mouth full...How about we use the acronym from now on? SBCG4AP is an Episodic type game; meaning that its not just one game, there are more to follow in the story. Anyway if you have ever been a Homestar Runner fan or just got interested in it, this game is very true to the series. Great humor and writing abound, the characters seemed ripped right from Flash and placed in glorious 3D. The best part about this game is being able to control Strong Bad; the story revolves around him and the other characters.

Main story: Strong Bad wants to pummel Homestar who is involved in the Tri-County Race to the End of the Race for the Silver First Place Trophy of Ultimate Destiny. Strong Bad wants to beat Homestar in the race and uses all kinds of crazy antics from a pair of hedge trimming shears, balloons and plungers. The dialog is hilarious, especially when Strong Bad is conversing with the other characters; there are two choices to pick from: Nice and Mean. Mean responses are the funniest, but sometimes doing the Nice one responds with the game progressing.

All in all, SBCG4AP is a really awesome game, especially if you are a fan of the old-time point and click adventures of yesteryear. OH! The reason why this didn't go up yesterday was because the game crashed on me twice, but it wasn't a big deal, I just backed up the saves to my SD card and continued on.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mental Note: Showering

Bear with me on this one. Its been really hot where I live like around 90-100 degree weather for quite some time now. Dont get me wrong; I absolutely LOVE it, but sometimes I need to cool down and what better way then a shower.

"What!?" you say, "How can you cool down with a shower of all things?!" Well the answer is quite simple: Cold Showers. At first I was not down with the whole cold shower thing, but after trying it a couple of times...I cant think of a better way to get cooled off. Unless you have easy access to a lake or river or another large body of water to swim in. I just go with whatever works, and cold showers do it for me. Only in the summer time though; I wouldnt even think about doing cold showers in Winter-time.

OH! I will have a Video Game review of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People (or SBCG4AP) probably tomorrow, I plan on gifting a copy to my brotha TIMMAH! So look forward to that comming pretty quickly.

Another thing, My review of Xam'd will have to come at a later date, since I still need to watch EP 2 and 3 to get the ghist of the series. Talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New DS Special Edition

If you want to buy a limited edition DS, now is the time! I heard about the sale of the Special Edition Onyx Pokemon DS from a news blog I frequent called DS Fanboy. This is the link for the article: Right here. The thing is, most of the time something like happens out in a rural area where people don't know about the street dates.

But this happened right here in Eugene! Yeppers, the Freddies off of W 11th are selling the Special Edition version...I already have a DS but I was thinkin about my friend who is big into Pokemon and would love a limited edition one. I am waiting for the email from my camera phone with the picture of the box.

Until then, if you are looking for a collector's DS now is the time!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


My headphones of about 2 or 3 years died on me today. They are echoing or not producing some of the channels in the output. They are a nice pair of Koss over ear headphones...They've been with me...seemingly forever. Its kind of sad to see them go. So, I went to Wal-Mart to find a pair of new ones. I get to the electronics section and I ask where the headphones are. The guy shows me and goes off about the 'gummy' headbuds; about how comfortable they are, they noise canceling effect and so on. I wasn't 100 percent sold but they were inexpensive compared to the rest of them, so I thought, "meh, why not? they have the little earplug gummy end to them." Oh how wrong I was...

Leaving the store, I open the package to find...simply a pair of headbuds. No 'gummy' end like it says directly on the box and the electronics guy repeatedly told me. I was kind of disappointed and I went back to the electronics depot and kindly explained to the cashier my situation. "OH! don't worry, they're awesome! I use them all the time!" This was her basic response. I asked her about the return policy and I have 90 days to decide if I want to keep these...things.

Truthfully, I should have just returned them right then, but...Ill test them out for a couple of days and see if I want them. Now...Mental Note of the day...ALWAYS, ALWAYS get a different opinion from a different worker. Better yet, just trust your gut.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Funny thing I saw!

Yep, it was another funny bumper sticker I saw as I was driving home from Florence. It said: "Im only speeding 'cause I have to poop!" with a little dog do-do on the bottom made me laugh really hard in my car.

Oh, the reason why I went to Florence was to get some of my stuff from the trailers my father owns. Ya know, important stuff like old Video Games, I found a old NES! *_* Its a piece of gaming history! Now I just need to find a: controller, game, power cable and a RF unit! If they still make any of the above...Anyway! I cant get downhearted, because most likely they will exist online.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Game Review: Soul Calibur 4

So, I picked up this game, and let me say this: It is one of the nicest looking games out there. Bandai-Namco did a wonderful job with this one, despite some minor quirks. For one, the Apprentice battles are WAY, WAY difficult. I don't know if it was just me, but I got my butt handed to me for a solid 15 minutes. It was painful to watch him kill me in about 18 was kind of frustrating.

Now, I haven't unlocked everything in the game, but I have played with Darth Vader, and he is a remarkably well balanced character. I believe I found my new favorite character other than Kilik. As for the story mode, there is not much, its basically fighting people at random locals and after about 5 fights it moves to the final boss. OH! a note: the final boss was so much easier than the Apprentice. The character creation section of the game has been really revamped, anything you want customized, it can be done: from the pitch of the voice to the color of their eyeballs. Even their facial structure can be played around with to make your own perfectly unique character.

I have always been a big fan of the Soul Calibur series ever since the second game on the Gamecube featuring Link. The series continues to impress me with each entry. Though they all have their little quirks, they more than make up for it in other areas. If you have a PS3 or Xbox360 I highly recommend this one.