Sunday, August 31, 2008 OH WOW!

Its raining. I hate the rain. I wouldn't mind mind if it was raining with sunshine like it sometimes does in St. George, but when its like this...overcast, cold and wet; count me out. Some people love the rain; I am not one of those people. I can live in a really cold place, the cold weather doesn't bother me much at all; but when its wet and cold, that I cannot stand.

UPDATE TO POST: so I logged to just now and there is a Severe Weather warning right on the page Eugene's weather This is what it says: A funnel cloud touched down around the Eugene Airport around 3:16 today... Can you believe it? A funnel cloud here in Oregon! I'm used to hearing that about the Windy Valley and other spots but not in Oregon! This has me both scarred and excited at the same time, since I've never seen a real funnel cloud before, and the frightening fact that it could form into a full blown Tornado.

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