Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello there.

Yep, Im really here, sitting behind a computer making a post. Not from my iPhone, I just got a few songs for it, and had to use a gift card but its ok.

I really got to get out there and look for another job. I cant really do it tomorrow, as my schedule is completely filled up with me shoveling snow and working more on the old house tomorrow. I make 15 dollars an hour shoveling snow so I cant really complain at all; and working on the house, meh that's easy, its just cleaning now.

with my job right now I can support myself and pay for both my cellphone bill and pay rent. But a little more money never hurt anyone right, and having a secure, stable full time job would make it worlds better. This recession thing has hit not just the United States but globally, every nation on this planet is feeling the pinch. While it seems like doom-n-gloom everywhere you get news from there are lots of things to be thankful for like holding down a job, putting food on the table and just living.

I think so far Ive racked a tally of 4 minutes and around 4 megabytes of data for the past three days Ive had my iPhone so I think im doing pretty good staying within my limits. Although I have a awesome idea for a new application in the App Store.

This is how it would work: Rather than looking through menus to see the minutes you've used and the data transfer on the cellular network, it would bring both of those to the home screen and would alert you if you are getting close to your plan limit. This would apply for texting too. That would be the free version.

The one you would pay for would go something like this: Parents set the limit on their child's data usage and if it comes close to that limit it would lock that portion of the phone to prevent them from going over. Especially for texting, since thats the one everyone hears about. Now this is where it really gets interesting. The parents would create 'Emergency Numbers' and passcode protect them so the kids cant change the 'Emergency Numbers' and if the phone comes close to the plan, it would turn off the phone portion of the phone. If its an emergency, they could call the pre-determined numbers and get this settled.

Is that not a genius idea or what? That way, rather than outrageous cellphone bills they can stick to their plan and save money but it wouldn't cripple the phone in an emergency. I really need to download the Software Developer Kit for the iPhone and start on this, I know I am not really into coding for computers at all. Found that out the hard way in college; but I really think this plan could work.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I am on my lunch break so it's all right. Just seeing how well this
phone works over the network with 3G. Trippy how I'm on lunch making
a post. Laters

Post from iphone?

Yep! It can be done. I really, really like my investment in
technology. It makes me feel like I am on top of the world! But,
enough about that I am going to bed as I need to be at work in 14
hours or so. Goodnight.
Sent from my iPhone

Friday, December 26, 2008

iPhone Version 2.0

>_< I did it. I said I was going to do it all along and even I thought I wouldnt do it. I have an iPhone 3G charging in my room right now. Its the most wonderous piece of tech I own! Thats saying something considering how much I actually own!

I just did the rounds and put important numbers into the phone and the coolest thing is I can recieve an UNLIMITED number of messages! Yep, so when people are feeling down or whatever, they can send me a message. Take note that I only have 75 messages to reply with for a whole month but I hardly ever use that much anyway. Oh, Merry Boxing Day! For those not in the know, Boxing Day here in Canada is when we box up all of our food from last night's meal and go spend it with loved ones.

Well a long time ago it was like that but now its more of a shopping day than anything else. I dont really mind as much, because people will be people and do what they want. Im going to make this post short because I am going to play with my iPhone...I might buy some apps from the App Store and get some things on there first.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hello World!

I am back! The internet was finally put in the new house that I am in right now, so I thought I would make a post. Things at work are getting better, life is going pretty smoothly right now; even though there are a few things left to do at the old house. I am pretty tired today, I woke up at 6AM and left the comfort of my bed and into winter clothes and taken to Ken's work. I cant really complain though, I didnt start work until 9 but only took a half hour for lunch and worked until 4. What was I doing you ask? Well...I was shovling snow from the doors of the storage units. Yeah its hard work, my eyelashes froze together a couple of times but the best part is I got paid 15 dollars an hour for doing all of that.

Sadly, I cant really do anything for Christmas for my family in the States. I am working Tuseday and Wednesday so flying or driving is out of the question. I knew I should have asked for it off, but being the 'new guy' and all, its not likely no matter how hard I try. The only thing I want for all of my stuff from the cold, damp, non-heated storage unit in Eugene! I know its kind of selfish, but it is all of my stuff that I have been without for a month already; its kind of a whiplash when I think about how long I have been here already. A whole month. 30 days, and Ive gotten a job, my Alberta Lisence, and tied loose ends in the States.

There are a few things I need to do here but I will jump on those this weekend. I was all bundeled up today working outside and sometimes I would stop for a moment or two and steam would come out of my jacket! It was alarming at first, but after a while I was like all right...I am working so hard I am making steam! Weird thought I know but it was really cool to see. Well...I think I am done making this blog post as we are about to go out. Later, and I promise more blog posting.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yep as the title suggests, I am moving again. No not back to the States or to a different Providence, just down the street aways. My grandmother decided we needed a bigger place and picked up the rent for 6 months and we have started to move all of her stuff. And she has lots of stuff.

We started with the storage room tonight, getting it mostly packed and away to our new place, but we still have much left to do: the living room, kitchen, the bedrooms, and the other storage under the stairs. I think I moved most of the heavy stuff like a wheat grinder and all kinds of heavy boxes but there is still lots left to do.

I am kind of worried about my job. I know I shouldnt blog about such things but these are my writings and if they contradict the social interaction or verbal communication outside of Safeway then...uh...too bad. Its my life and I should have a right to write about anything I want. Anyway, story goes is that I just had my 5th day working and I am getting to know the store and all of what Produce entails and I am rushing my brain taking it all in and it takes me a while to process it all. Well I went to work yesterday and was there for 8 hours and I took a look at my schedule for next week; I found a suprise on the sheet of paper. It had my name, and the dates for the rest of next week, but its completely blank. Nothing, zip, zilch, nodda. Im kinda worried about it, so I gotta call tomorrow and start getting some answers from Safeway.

Well, this post turned out longer than I thought it would tonight as its almost 11PM my time and my grandmother is planning on waking me up at the crack of dawn to get this stuff moved so I shall retire for the night.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Good Food...

Here is the situation: Its snowing outside fairly heavily and I am hungry. I know there are things to eat inside the house, but I discovered yesterday that the bus to take me downtown also goes past 16th street. What is on 16th street you ask? Only the best burger stop in the ENTIRE WORLD! Peter's Drive-In. Now, just to get down there is 2.50 and taking the bus back is another 2.50; so just for there and back is 5 bucks.

Would it be worth it to trudge through the snow, wait in the bus stop and travel down to 16th street for one of these fantastic burgers? I would have to say yes. Thing is, it would only be my 2nd time having Peters's since I moved here two weeks ago. Two weeks, thats how long I have gone without their fantastic burgers smothered in BBQ with relish and onions(I would take the onions off. Dont like 'em) and cheese. It gives me goose bumps just thinking about chowing down on one of those burgers.

Or I could do something smart like buy a pair of water-proof snowboots to surivie me the rest of the winter since all I have are my runners. Hm...I am going to make some hot chocolate and think it over before I do anything, since I have already been outside today.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

HSM in real life...

When I think back to my memories, there are times when its filled with people dancing and acting in hallways and monolouging and generally having it be a musical. No its not anything from High School Musical its actually from my days in High School.

See, I went to a performing arts high school. Its exactly as it sounds. To tell you the truth, it was some of the most wonderful years of my life; I met new and interesting people and I shead my 'act' that I had when I first moved to the States and started being myself. There are so many good memories from that school, everytime I look at my yearbook, I know all the faces from the photos. I can tell you who everyone was in my Graduation photos. Then again, in total there were only about 150 students in the entire school, so getting to know everyone came quickly.

If I could change any portion of that experience, I wish I could have spent more time there. See, when I started I was a Jounior and had two wonderful years there. So many memories are there in ST. George UT and its sad that I have not been there in forever. I need to find a way down there, spending at least a week there and re-visit everything all over again. Lots of friends are still there I believe, though most said they were trying to make their way to California. We had our 5 year reunion, though only a small number showed up, around 12 people if I remember correctly. Those memories I will cherish always and even though the Class of 2003 has drifted apart; we will always remember each other.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Third day of work done and I am there to stay! The past two days were topsy-turvey and I didnt know if my boss would kick me flat on my butt into the cold, bitter wind today, but thankfully, I made it through. I don't know why, but it takes me a while to catch onto things and I have been told on multiple occasions by different people that I am slow. So...I like taking my time and making sure its done right; is that a problem?

Enough about that. I am really excited and proud of my self that I am going to go pick up a treat for myself. Maybe a little technological gadget that could help me listen to...MUSIC! HA! you thought I was going to get an Iphone or something huh? Well...I keep on thinking that if I can get a iPod Touch and put some VOIP stuff on it, then it will be kind of like a phone...that only works with an internet connection... Hm...that suddenly seems like a bad idea. But I am looking to get something cool for myself as a kind of 'pat on the back' for not messing up work and being speedy enough to avoid getting let loose.

I just...dont know what to get. I could pull some money and put it all down on an iPhone and not worry about it for 5 months since I get two months included and it will pay for 3, or get another little techno gadget; what that would be I have no idea.