Saturday, December 6, 2008

HSM in real life...

When I think back to my memories, there are times when its filled with people dancing and acting in hallways and monolouging and generally having it be a musical. No its not anything from High School Musical its actually from my days in High School.

See, I went to a performing arts high school. Its exactly as it sounds. To tell you the truth, it was some of the most wonderful years of my life; I met new and interesting people and I shead my 'act' that I had when I first moved to the States and started being myself. There are so many good memories from that school, everytime I look at my yearbook, I know all the faces from the photos. I can tell you who everyone was in my Graduation photos. Then again, in total there were only about 150 students in the entire school, so getting to know everyone came quickly.

If I could change any portion of that experience, I wish I could have spent more time there. See, when I started I was a Jounior and had two wonderful years there. So many memories are there in ST. George UT and its sad that I have not been there in forever. I need to find a way down there, spending at least a week there and re-visit everything all over again. Lots of friends are still there I believe, though most said they were trying to make their way to California. We had our 5 year reunion, though only a small number showed up, around 12 people if I remember correctly. Those memories I will cherish always and even though the Class of 2003 has drifted apart; we will always remember each other.

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