Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Third day of work done and I am there to stay! The past two days were topsy-turvey and I didnt know if my boss would kick me flat on my butt into the cold, bitter wind today, but thankfully, I made it through. I don't know why, but it takes me a while to catch onto things and I have been told on multiple occasions by different people that I am slow. So...I like taking my time and making sure its done right; is that a problem?

Enough about that. I am really excited and proud of my self that I am going to go pick up a treat for myself. Maybe a little technological gadget that could help me listen to...MUSIC! HA! you thought I was going to get an Iphone or something huh? Well...I keep on thinking that if I can get a iPod Touch and put some VOIP stuff on it, then it will be kind of like a phone...that only works with an internet connection... Hm...that suddenly seems like a bad idea. But I am looking to get something cool for myself as a kind of 'pat on the back' for not messing up work and being speedy enough to avoid getting let loose.

I just...dont know what to get. I could pull some money and put it all down on an iPhone and not worry about it for 5 months since I get two months included and it will pay for 3, or get another little techno gadget; what that would be I have no idea.

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