Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yep as the title suggests, I am moving again. No not back to the States or to a different Providence, just down the street aways. My grandmother decided we needed a bigger place and picked up the rent for 6 months and we have started to move all of her stuff. And she has lots of stuff.

We started with the storage room tonight, getting it mostly packed and away to our new place, but we still have much left to do: the living room, kitchen, the bedrooms, and the other storage under the stairs. I think I moved most of the heavy stuff like a wheat grinder and all kinds of heavy boxes but there is still lots left to do.

I am kind of worried about my job. I know I shouldnt blog about such things but these are my writings and if they contradict the social interaction or verbal communication outside of Safeway then...uh...too bad. Its my life and I should have a right to write about anything I want. Anyway, story goes is that I just had my 5th day working and I am getting to know the store and all of what Produce entails and I am rushing my brain taking it all in and it takes me a while to process it all. Well I went to work yesterday and was there for 8 hours and I took a look at my schedule for next week; I found a suprise on the sheet of paper. It had my name, and the dates for the rest of next week, but its completely blank. Nothing, zip, zilch, nodda. Im kinda worried about it, so I gotta call tomorrow and start getting some answers from Safeway.

Well, this post turned out longer than I thought it would tonight as its almost 11PM my time and my grandmother is planning on waking me up at the crack of dawn to get this stuff moved so I shall retire for the night.


Jen said...

Hmmmm....first of all it's province, not providence (and you call yourself Canadian) And second, I'm thinking you should keep looking for another job. One that doesn't require you to be fast. Cause, let's face it. Speed isn't your specialty when it comes to work. They want people who are fast because it cost them money if you are slow. they want people who do a good job and get it done fast. Maybe like a mall kiosk or something would be a good job for you. Keep looking!

Timmah said...

MALL Kiosk! I would buy things from you! Keep looking man, There are litterally TONS of jobs there. If I could find one illegally while I was there, You can do it legally, and get one that you want. Later brotha. Miss you man!

Rach said...

Well, maybe I'll have to agree with Jen and Tim...Keep looking. And study for you flippin AA exam..or whatever it is.