Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello there.

Yep, Im really here, sitting behind a computer making a post. Not from my iPhone, I just got a few songs for it, and had to use a gift card but its ok.

I really got to get out there and look for another job. I cant really do it tomorrow, as my schedule is completely filled up with me shoveling snow and working more on the old house tomorrow. I make 15 dollars an hour shoveling snow so I cant really complain at all; and working on the house, meh that's easy, its just cleaning now.

with my job right now I can support myself and pay for both my cellphone bill and pay rent. But a little more money never hurt anyone right, and having a secure, stable full time job would make it worlds better. This recession thing has hit not just the United States but globally, every nation on this planet is feeling the pinch. While it seems like doom-n-gloom everywhere you get news from there are lots of things to be thankful for like holding down a job, putting food on the table and just living.

I think so far Ive racked a tally of 4 minutes and around 4 megabytes of data for the past three days Ive had my iPhone so I think im doing pretty good staying within my limits. Although I have a awesome idea for a new application in the App Store.

This is how it would work: Rather than looking through menus to see the minutes you've used and the data transfer on the cellular network, it would bring both of those to the home screen and would alert you if you are getting close to your plan limit. This would apply for texting too. That would be the free version.

The one you would pay for would go something like this: Parents set the limit on their child's data usage and if it comes close to that limit it would lock that portion of the phone to prevent them from going over. Especially for texting, since thats the one everyone hears about. Now this is where it really gets interesting. The parents would create 'Emergency Numbers' and passcode protect them so the kids cant change the 'Emergency Numbers' and if the phone comes close to the plan, it would turn off the phone portion of the phone. If its an emergency, they could call the pre-determined numbers and get this settled.

Is that not a genius idea or what? That way, rather than outrageous cellphone bills they can stick to their plan and save money but it wouldn't cripple the phone in an emergency. I really need to download the Software Developer Kit for the iPhone and start on this, I know I am not really into coding for computers at all. Found that out the hard way in college; but I really think this plan could work.


Timmah said...

It is a genius idea...Disney has already done it!

Chison said...

Really really? Dang it...oh well, I will think of something else...