Friday, January 30, 2009

Good mornin'!

Yes you read that title correct, and yes I realize its almost 2 oclock in the afternoon. See I went to work last night and I slept this morning to wake up. Free Slurpee's keep me mostly awake at night. Though I wish they sold some Monster M-80s. Those things are really, really good; if I had the choice between the two...I would make a Slurpee of Monster!

OOOH I like that thought. Maybe I should research how to make a Slurpee. An energy Slurpee. Brilliant.

Anyway, my grandparents left for Arizona early this morning, they were gone when I got home and they will be gone for the next 10 days. I have the house to myself for that long, though it will probably not be quiet, people calling wondering where Grandma has gone and etc, etc.

Ive got to run down to the Registry service and get my Drivers license changed to the current address or I could be tossed in Jail. Reason why I say that is because I am driving myself to a dance tonight; the theme is...Tropical Vacation. Does this make sense to anyone else? A tropical theme dance in the dead middle of winter? Regardless, I am totally planning on attending unless something comes up or happens where it needs my direct attention.

I really need to send an inquiry to Blogger here and see if its possible to put labels on posts you make from your mobile device. It drives me crazy when I see all these posts Ive made and they dont have labels; you'd think since Google came along they would be all over a thing like labels but no: they are missing.

On a slightly related note, Im really impressed with how far my Mental Notes have come. 129 Posts and still going strong and the year is just starting, and I get the feeling this year is going to be big. Lots of things in store for me.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

7-11 updating

So I found out I still have unlimited data and texts on my iPhone. So
I plan on making this a big post to the ol' blog. See? It's my
dinner, and for those wondering: it's my first Slurppe of the night.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

So how 'bout an update?

Well, Costco finally called me back and said: I hired somebody with
Deli experience and with a car. That is pretty much my life summed up
nicely into a little package.

But the good news is that I have a full-time job working at 7-11, and
can get free slurppes while I work. It's my dream come true; I love
slurppes and I am working the night-shift here in two days so it's made
me really excited. Safeway is no more; I put my notice there
yesterday there but I still need to call and see if they put me on the
schedule this week.

So life is going pretty well for me, got a full time job, am looking
around to get a little car and maybe get some money together and get
some of my stuff shipped to me. That last one is a ways off yet but
still, it would be nice to have that stuff.

I'm thinkin' the rest of the day will be a lazy one... Except for
doing my laundry...oh well.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pretty Awesome things...

happened so far today! I went for an interview at 7-11 and he wants me to come in on Sunday to fill out all kinds of paperwork and get started on the night shift that Monday! Happy day! I will be getting paid more in 6 months than I would ever dream of at Costco. They want to start me off at 10 then an extra dollar right off the bat for doing night shift, then the certification for the computers and cash register and things thats another 1.75; are you with me so far? thats 12.75 within the first three months. After the probation period I can sign a contract for 6 months(basically saying I will work there doing night shifts) and get an extra 2 dollars for that!

14.75 is the grand total after three months and signing the contract. How awesome is that?

Anyway after walking home from the interview, I unlocked the deadbolt for my grandmothers place and then tried the door handle: it was locked. I dont have a key for the door handle. Basically I was locked out for a little while and called my grandmother who locked the door handle this morning because she had a key. So...I did what I had to do and removed a screen window from downstairs and uh...broke into my own place of residence. It would have gone much more smoothly if I didnt have to take off my snow boots while sitting on the ledge wishing I could touch the ground. So yeah, lots of interesting things happen to me, but I guess thats life.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Feelin' ....groggy.

Yep I have a full blown cold/flu type thing. Running nose, achy body, headaches Ive got it all. I am taking all kinds of stuff to weather the storm though, like Vitamin C and this stuff called Cold-FX. I am waiting to see how the FX stuff will impact my cold and hopefully get rid of it.

Even with my cold, I watched the Inauguration of Barak Obama today. I felt really good listening to his speech and knowing my vote counted. And I may have cheered when Bush got onto the helicopter. I like to think of it as Texas is getting their village idiot they lost 8 years ago.

Another thing, this might shock my family members but: I like lettuce. Romain to be more precise, I really like eating it. As long as it does not have any kind of sauce then I will chow down on it all the time. I know its like the Twilight Zone for my family but its true.

Aside from that stuff, there is not really much going on here, just looking for a car waiting for Costco to call back and say, "You start tomorrow at 8AM." I just need to get over this cold first...then I will gladly be more out going, but its been pretty nice here in Calgary lately so I cant really complain. Oh, speaking of Calgary, I will make a post about a famous drive-in burger shop in the near future. Unless I already did...Oh well. It begs to be repeated if thats the case.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yep I feel a cold coming on. For me, it starts with a bad migraine and then moves to the sinuses and then the rest of the body. I HATE when I get a cold, because when I get them there is something really important I have to do: like call Costco back tomorrow and have an interview at 7-11. I like to think I dont have a whole lot of stress in my life, but with my hair going gray and me loosing sleep over some stuff I guess it takes its toll and translates into the dreaded Stress Factor.

I mean, I would love to go and work for Costco, only problem is that there are no buses that run that way and the closest stop is still 1.5 Kilometers away. My grandparents are totally gun-ho about the thing which I understand completely but I dont want to put them out. They talk about putting me on one of their insurances and trying to find me a car so I can drive to work but there is a problem other than me getting to work in the morning hours of 5,6,7. There are closing shifts also ranging from the 2,3,4 hours in the afternoon; no one can take time off of work and play 'Taxi' to me and my job. But knowing my luck, she will probably have the position filled by someone like me who has a car to get back and forth.

This is what happens to me most of the time: A great thing comes along my way, but right then I dont have the resources to use that and it quickly goes to someone else. I like to think that all those missed chances will come back to me, not right away of course but sometime perhaps when Im older. Karma usually shows me something really awesome I could have but then kicks me in the pants and leaves. Im pretty much used to it by now.

But I was told to call her tomorrow between 5AM and 1PM in the afternoon, so I guess I will go to the 7-11 interview tomorrow and see how it goes; and call her afterwords.

Oh, I havent done this in a really long time, but Mental Note: The country of Canada runs on change. ALWAYS carry some. Expect more Notes from now on; I missed doing those.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

News from the Job Front

The story goes like this see: I was driving around with my grandmother and a lead phoned in, I wasn't there to take the call and their voice echoed on the machine. When I got home my grandma listened to the message, telling me they wanted me to call 'em back. I listened to the message; it was almost too good to be true, but we decided it would be better to go nett this Deli boss in the Costco up on the hill.

We scrambled to the car, by the time we got there the butterfly's were already flyin' in my stomach. I always look both sides of the street
whenever I head into Costco. Call it habit, I wandered inside and
poked around lookin' for the Deli boss. Turns out she was pretty easy
to find, I reminded her of the phone call she had left and welcomed me
warmly into their offices.

It wasn't over for me yet, they had me do an interview there on the
spot. Was I nervous? 'course I was did I show it? Not even in the
slightist; they ran me through the usual gauntlet. After the Deli
boss took me to the back of the store, showing me where they worked.

The coolers, prep room were both a little chilly, like my previous job
searching was going, though I didn't dare complain. 37. The Deli
boss makes 37 different kinds of dishes for sale with a staff of
eleven people. It blew me away, I knew I could do good here but there
was one little hitch in the deal: I have no mode of transportation to
the store. Was that a heart breaker like a hot girl smashin' your
heart with a ton of ice?

Of course it was... But did I buckle under the ice? Of course not, I
kept my cool like the job seeker I am. Though it might be a long time
before I'm able to find another like that one...

NOTE: this post is best being read with a 1950's detective accent to
it. At least it makes sense to me when I read it...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Long Night...

I was working today, not looking for a job, but the other one remember? Safeway? Yep that one. Anyway, I was working in the grocery section of the store today and I was putting some canned goods away onto the shelf and I noticed that some of the cans had pretty bad dents and bends in them. I told him, "hey we cant sell these because they are dented pretty badly." He looks me over and says, "just put them on the shelf." My mental jaw dropped, does he not know that you can get Botulism from that kind of stuff?

Anyway, I was kind of like freaked out for the rest of the day, I wanted to go through the entire canned section and look for dented cans. I am totally paranoid that way but I guess it pays to be with that kind of stuff right? I dont know if its just me, but you kind of got to pay attention to those things.

Besides me being paranoid about dented cans, work went pretty uneventful. I gotta hit the streets tomorrow, well technically today and look for some work. I could get more hours at Safeway, but its kind of frightening when management doesnt care about the products they well, especially if its food. He also has this kind of weird twitch when he talks its really kind of creepy.

Sorry, moving to a different topic. What different topic I have no idea. OH the fact I need to go pick up some A+ Certification books tomorrow at a discounted price, at a book store is high priority on my list today since it will take me from working Produce to working on Computers at someplace like Best Buy or Future Shop or any little family PC business anywhere. I really need to get on that badly. Oh, another thing I have found in the iPhone App Store is the Facebook application which is pretty cool, it helps me keep track of everything thats happened in the past day and I can even upload photos that I take from my phone directly to the Albums! Technology is amazing and its changing all the time.

I think that will be all for me tonight, and my Brotha Tim, I will send your controller to you tomorrow! I promise to get it to you in the mail while I am out today. Oh and I dont know if I will sell my PS3 to ya. That model I have kind moved in to the 'collectors' realm now with people scrambling to get their hands on one. A quick browse through ebay will show it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hittin' the street II

I'm using lots of data to send this so I will be brief. Nothing is biting it's kind of like fishing; only if you don't catch anything you loose big time. I will edit this when I get home.


Yep, I got home at around 6 and like my previous two sentences say, its alot like fishing. I was just helping Ken put some pictures from his camera onto his PC so he can edit them and burn them to a DVD and send to somebody for safekeeping.

As I said earlier, its kind of hard looking for a job here in Calgary. Stores are really cutting back on hours and trying to let people go so they can save themselves a bit of money in the recession. Makes it hard on people looking for work, but whatever, that means Ive got to work that much harder for people to hire me right?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Day!

I have a Follower for my blog! That makes me really excited and happy. It makes me all giddy inside for some unknown reason. I should really start making more posts from my iPhone so people can be updated better on what happens to me through here and via Facebook. Oh, the general rule of thumb is not to talk about your work...but I think my event warrants a breaking of this rule.

So, on Saturday, I was working on apples, minding my own business and making it look nice when my boss the one who hired me back in November comes around to me, looks me over and says: "Oh. You're still working in Produce?" and rolls his eyes and walks away. I really just wanted to tell him off right there and throw my apron at his face but I remained calm and said, "uh, yeah." Am I missing something here? I haven't seen the guy for two months and he comes out of the blue and insults me like that? My own boss?

Anyway, I wont go any further into that danger zone because I want to distance myself from that place as far as I can go right now. Which is why I am looking for more work, weather it be full time or part time. Not because of the rude behavior of my boss, but the fact that over the next two weeks, I am only scheduled for three days. Meaning more than a week of not working; which just can't do since I have bills to pay and such. I plan on waking up at around 8AM and hitting the pavement until Suppertime which will be around 6PM. Gotta print out a bunch of resumes and get them into as many places as I can.

Well, I am kind of tired and I think I will go to bed for the night, and maybe make a post on the road tomorrow from wherever I am, be it a shopping mall or Downtown. Goodnight all.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Iphone updating done!

Yep, now all my music is on my iPhone! 1175 songs exist on my phone, only taking up about half of the space left there. Now what to do with the 3.5GB worth of space? Movies? AMVs? I dont really know, but I have all my stuff on there now, except the movie I FINALLY got onto the phone, but had to erase it to put everything else on it. That bites really bad, but since I have my computer it will be a breeze now.

Hooray! Since signing up with Facebook yesterday I have been reunited with 22 friends of mine! Most I havent been able to find any way else, I looked through Myspace but blrgh. Myspace is for the kiddies. The rest of us will use Facebook. Im really excited that I got my computer, since I put everything on the phone.

Now I plan on going to get a Slurpee from the shop down the street so I am going to get bundeled up and check on the weather and see. Its the first one this week for anyone keeping track at home. Like my family. Its just they are SO good here in Canada...I cant really explain it at all just that they taste better then down in the States. When I come home I have to get back on the job front again and see if anyone is willing to hire a 23 year old non-degree college guy. Sigh.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Updating the Friends List...

Yep since I finally came around to joining Facebook, I am finding all of my high school alumni and re-connecting with them all. Its amazing to see all the changes they have gone through, as most have moved away from the town of St. George and onto broader horizons.

New stuff just happened. I received a package in the mail. It was a big one, can you guess what was inside? was my compy, Wii, and all the connections to hook it up! I thought it was not going to be here until the end of the week, so good news to me. But now I have to find a monitor that will also hook up my Wii. Oh and I have a single PS3 controller; but no PS3 to play it on. Also a remote for my old TV, two types of computer mouse and a iPod alarm clock without its wall power supply. Im just grateful to have all of this stuff back. Ive been missing it for the past month since Ive been here.

Well, I really should get a table for my computer and monitor now....

Hittin the pavement...

Lookin for work today. I have a job already but its part-time and can only cover my expenses right now. Having a little bit more money and moving out of my grandmothers house would be ideal so right now thats what I'm doing, looking for work. With this recession coming around, people are tightening their work budget, and are getting really picky about who they hire. Everyone wants somebody with experience in that field, but the problem is that I dont have experience there. I wont let it stop me though, I am determined to get this underway and with two jobs here pretty quick. Traveling on the bus is not that bad...when its ON TIME! GRRrrr....

I will explain what happened on Saturday, I took the first bus which was waiting for me there at the bus-stop but the second one I had to wait for like 40-50 minutes for! It was silly, making people wait. I was not late as I left an hour early for work but still, it must be very frustrating for people in a hurry...I guess thats why they drive cars. Anyway, another thing happened yesterday, which I will note was pretty awesome for myself: a hot girl sat next to me on the bus. Thing is the bus was not very full in the first place so it was kind of a little special bonus. Savor the small victories right?

Anyway, I should get back to filling out applications online and sifting through Craigslist and Kijiji and see what I can find in the ocean of job openings. I have a few in mind from co-workers recommending stuff to me, but who knows right? I gotta see where the bus routes go so I can get to Costco and turn in my applications and all that stuff.

OH! I am getting my computer shipped to me here in the Great North so I wont be on my grandmothers all the time, though she doesnt really mind it much, but it allows me to import all of my music from my computer to my iPhone and have loads of music to play. Another thing, I finally figured out how to import video onto my iPhone since 2.2 came out!

This is the easy way I found, you convert the video to an .MP4 so it can be read by iTunes and import it in there. When it comes around as a Movie, you have to right click the movie and edit it from a Movie to a TV Show and fill in some info to fool iTunes into making it a TV Show and it will automatically import into the iPhone! It took me forever to find out how and rummaging through websites it came to me: ""well if it only imports TV about I make my movie a show?" and it WORKED! It made me really happy.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

As the title says have a good new year everyone! I plan on getting
started on some resolutions for the brand new year like getting a new
job and getting all of my stuff from the states. Other than that I
don't really have 09' planned.

I attended a dance tonight and had a really good time dancing around.
I made a few friends and look forward to meeting them again and I know
it sounds crazy comming from me but I found a perfect 10 there at the
dance. I know her pretty well and even shared a dance with her; did I
get her number? Well no, it's kind of hard when her brother is
standing next to her for most of the night. It's kind of a long shot
to see her at another function but there is always a glimmer of hope.
I could go on and on about her but this blog is about me so I will
stick with I know.

I found out that it's quite expensive to rent a uhaul truck and drive
it over the border. But I am worried about all of my toys that are
getting moldy in the damp weather of Eugene.

Well, I plan on going to bed here pretty quick so I will sign off for
the night.