Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Day!

I have a Follower for my blog! That makes me really excited and happy. It makes me all giddy inside for some unknown reason. I should really start making more posts from my iPhone so people can be updated better on what happens to me through here and via Facebook. Oh, the general rule of thumb is not to talk about your work...but I think my event warrants a breaking of this rule.

So, on Saturday, I was working on apples, minding my own business and making it look nice when my boss the one who hired me back in November comes around to me, looks me over and says: "Oh. You're still working in Produce?" and rolls his eyes and walks away. I really just wanted to tell him off right there and throw my apron at his face but I remained calm and said, "uh, yeah." Am I missing something here? I haven't seen the guy for two months and he comes out of the blue and insults me like that? My own boss?

Anyway, I wont go any further into that danger zone because I want to distance myself from that place as far as I can go right now. Which is why I am looking for more work, weather it be full time or part time. Not because of the rude behavior of my boss, but the fact that over the next two weeks, I am only scheduled for three days. Meaning more than a week of not working; which just can't do since I have bills to pay and such. I plan on waking up at around 8AM and hitting the pavement until Suppertime which will be around 6PM. Gotta print out a bunch of resumes and get them into as many places as I can.

Well, I am kind of tired and I think I will go to bed for the night, and maybe make a post on the road tomorrow from wherever I am, be it a shopping mall or Downtown. Goodnight all.


Rach said...

yeah I don't know how to do the follower thingie.....And I did say that hearing from people that I haven't heard from in a long time make me happy

Timmah said...

did you send it yet???

Jenny Westheaven said...

Lol, that was me. xD

Dude...if you lived in Arizona, you and I would definitely be hitting the streets looking. It's been over a year and I STILL have no job...I'm riding on this stupid EyeMasters thing. :/ Mia needs better eyecolor, mine just...don't match. xD