Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yep I feel a cold coming on. For me, it starts with a bad migraine and then moves to the sinuses and then the rest of the body. I HATE when I get a cold, because when I get them there is something really important I have to do: like call Costco back tomorrow and have an interview at 7-11. I like to think I dont have a whole lot of stress in my life, but with my hair going gray and me loosing sleep over some stuff I guess it takes its toll and translates into the dreaded Stress Factor.

I mean, I would love to go and work for Costco, only problem is that there are no buses that run that way and the closest stop is still 1.5 Kilometers away. My grandparents are totally gun-ho about the thing which I understand completely but I dont want to put them out. They talk about putting me on one of their insurances and trying to find me a car so I can drive to work but there is a problem other than me getting to work in the morning hours of 5,6,7. There are closing shifts also ranging from the 2,3,4 hours in the afternoon; no one can take time off of work and play 'Taxi' to me and my job. But knowing my luck, she will probably have the position filled by someone like me who has a car to get back and forth.

This is what happens to me most of the time: A great thing comes along my way, but right then I dont have the resources to use that and it quickly goes to someone else. I like to think that all those missed chances will come back to me, not right away of course but sometime perhaps when Im older. Karma usually shows me something really awesome I could have but then kicks me in the pants and leaves. Im pretty much used to it by now.

But I was told to call her tomorrow between 5AM and 1PM in the afternoon, so I guess I will go to the 7-11 interview tomorrow and see how it goes; and call her afterwords.

Oh, I havent done this in a really long time, but Mental Note: The country of Canada runs on change. ALWAYS carry some. Expect more Notes from now on; I missed doing those.

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Timmah said...

Tyson!!! Get a bike, ride the bus as far as you can, and then bike it. And is it in the mail? OH and my Steelers are going to the super bowl again!!!!!