Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Iphone updating done!

Yep, now all my music is on my iPhone! 1175 songs exist on my phone, only taking up about half of the space left there. Now what to do with the 3.5GB worth of space? Movies? AMVs? I dont really know, but I have all my stuff on there now, except the movie I FINALLY got onto the phone, but had to erase it to put everything else on it. That bites really bad, but since I have my computer it will be a breeze now.

Hooray! Since signing up with Facebook yesterday I have been reunited with 22 friends of mine! Most I havent been able to find any way else, I looked through Myspace but blrgh. Myspace is for the kiddies. The rest of us will use Facebook. Im really excited that I got my computer, since I put everything on the phone.

Now I plan on going to get a Slurpee from the shop down the street so I am going to get bundeled up and check on the weather and see. Its the first one this week for anyone keeping track at home. Like my family. Its just they are SO good here in Canada...I cant really explain it at all just that they taste better then down in the States. When I come home I have to get back on the job front again and see if anyone is willing to hire a 23 year old non-degree college guy. Sigh.


Rach said...

I think you've posted like 4 blogs now about slurpee's Tyson! haha

Timmah said...

Tyson...Slurpee's are better in Canada!! Twenty thousand times better. They have actual ice in them and not foam. Hey, do you know where exactly the box is with the games?

Chison said...

the box is labeled "DVDs and Games" if I recall correctly. Where it is inside the storage unit, I have no idea. It was one of the heavier boxes so it will probably be under a few of them. Im looking for a box to send you back the PS3 controller, its coming, dont worry.