Saturday, January 17, 2009

News from the Job Front

The story goes like this see: I was driving around with my grandmother and a lead phoned in, I wasn't there to take the call and their voice echoed on the machine. When I got home my grandma listened to the message, telling me they wanted me to call 'em back. I listened to the message; it was almost too good to be true, but we decided it would be better to go nett this Deli boss in the Costco up on the hill.

We scrambled to the car, by the time we got there the butterfly's were already flyin' in my stomach. I always look both sides of the street
whenever I head into Costco. Call it habit, I wandered inside and
poked around lookin' for the Deli boss. Turns out she was pretty easy
to find, I reminded her of the phone call she had left and welcomed me
warmly into their offices.

It wasn't over for me yet, they had me do an interview there on the
spot. Was I nervous? 'course I was did I show it? Not even in the
slightist; they ran me through the usual gauntlet. After the Deli
boss took me to the back of the store, showing me where they worked.

The coolers, prep room were both a little chilly, like my previous job
searching was going, though I didn't dare complain. 37. The Deli
boss makes 37 different kinds of dishes for sale with a staff of
eleven people. It blew me away, I knew I could do good here but there
was one little hitch in the deal: I have no mode of transportation to
the store. Was that a heart breaker like a hot girl smashin' your
heart with a ton of ice?

Of course it was... But did I buckle under the ice? Of course not, I
kept my cool like the job seeker I am. Though it might be a long time
before I'm able to find another like that one...

NOTE: this post is best being read with a 1950's detective accent to
it. At least it makes sense to me when I read it...

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