Saturday, December 29, 2012

Swag vs. Class

So there's been this endless debate about Swag vs Class and I can finally give my opinion: Class all the way.

Class has been around for much, much longer than swag, which I refer to as "Adolescent, grubby Class" I mean think about the differences, Swag has muscle shirts, bad goatees, and straight ball caps and baggy pants with sneakers.

Now Class on the other hand is much more refined: a good suit, sharp tie, facial hair trimmed and neat and hair nicely done and not hiding under a hat with a pair of shiny shoes.

Based on those two comparisons, plus many great men have embraced Class for far longer than Swag. Take any old-time musician or businessman and compare them to Jersey Shore and clearly there is a winner in terms of what looks good on guys.

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