Friday, November 30, 2007

The power of Zero

Song: Higher
Artist: Creed

All right, this is something Ive thought long and hard about, and its quite complicated. It has to do with the most famous number of all: Zero. Thats right, the absence of a number is what I'm going to talk about tonight.

To the definition of Zero provided by, it states that Zero is the absence of a number. I totally agree with this, and like to take it a step forward.

With multiplication, we understand that we need to take multiples of those numbers and add them together. We know what happens when a number like Zero is introduced into Multiplication: the equation comes to Zero. This is tested with any number, from 1 to any number on the number line; either its positive or negative, it will always equal Zero.

Now this begs the question: What happens when we Divide by Zero? Well, from the definition provided, we can presume that anything divided by Zero will be that number. Basically, it will remain the same.

for Multiplication:
2x2= 4
2x0= 0

Now for Division:

Thats what most people would put down, because Zero is a non-number, the absence of a number right? Well...this is what I have been thinking about. If Multiplication and Division are opposite of each other, then what happens in one must be the opposite of the other. So if multiplying a number by Zero gives us Zero, then dividing by Zero should give us the number we are dividing by.

New Division:
4/0= 4

Because Zero by definition is the absence of a number, you are not taking the 4 and breaking it up into smaller parts, since there is nothing to divide it by. Also, since Zero is by definition not a number it cant possibly have a positive or a negative attached to it. That would mean there would be three extra numbers on the number line:

-0 0 +0

Being negative Zero and positive Zero, that does not work, since its not a number in the first place, as stated before.

If anyone sees anything wrong with this, or wishes to talk to me about it, leave me a comment, and I will be happy to talk to you about it. I don't intend to re-write the book on Zero (if there is such a thing XD) but any in put would be happily accepted.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy

Yes, I found a copy of this wonderful game. This game is absolutely brilliant, in design, sound and graphics. I dare anyone to say that the Wii is 'a Gamecube on 'roids.' Super Mario Galaxy proves that the Wii is a complete step above what the Gamecube was.

Enough rambling about the systems, you probably want to know about the game right? Well wait no more, as the game looks amazing to say the least. Mario running through the worlds is as smooth as butter and the lighting and graphic dynamics are impressive. The movements with the Wiimote feels natural as all moving is done with the Nunchaku, the only thing the Wiimote does is attack and point to the screen to obtain items and jump. Running through the levels is an absolute blast, though at first the levels were disorientating, due to the rapid camera changes.

Why I say that, is because when you jump off the edge of the level, the gravity of the small planetoid pulls Mario back, causing th camera to do a 180 degree flip, which takes a bit of getting used to, but works for the best on the smaller levels. Now in larger worlds, the camera follows Mario. The best way to describe it is the Mario cam from Mario 64, but is much more responsive to the environment; but it has its flaws such as Mario being stuck behind a pillar, and only being able to see a shadow, and not the rest of the level.

Lots of old enemies return for this new game, but some are completely new, and require a little bit of thought to attack. The boss battles are huge. The sense of scale between Mario and some of the bosses is amazing, they literally tower over Mario.

Now...I will be probably be back at the end of the week to leave you more tidbits about picking up the game, since thats a cool story in of itself. Until next time.

Monday, November 5, 2007


I want a kitty cat....I have lots of reasons why they are better than dogs. First off, they dont slobber all over everything. Dogs seemingly constantly want attention, which wears me out after about 20 minutes or so. and for the most part, they are not really loud.

When I move into my own place after doing a couple of important things I am getting a cuddly kitten. I already have a name picked out: she will be called Yuki. Short and simple. But thats only after I can pass my certifications for my future job. For the most part, life is simply normal.

...As normal as my life could be. I learned my long-time friend suddenly had the urge to meet her online friend way in Northern Cali, which surprised me, and came to me for advise on how to travel on a Greyhound. However, Im always happy to help people in need, especially friends. If they call, I come running! But enough about that. After my compy performs its updates, I will get on my Wii and download Super Mario Brothers 3 and take it to my Brother-in-law's house so we can play.