Monday, May 28, 2012

One Week!

Im really excited! There is only this week and then I get paid and then I move INTO MY OWN PLACE! I can hardly stand it, I know this week is going to fly by and Ive already got some essentials lined up right now, like plates, bowls, smaller plates, and forks and knives and all kinds of tupperware and laundry baskets! One of the bigger things I was missing was a bed but thats been taken care of by a air mattress. Its only temporary until I can save some money and get myself a proper bed; and I still have to save a bunch of money to go down in August and see my family. I know I can save it all and have a awesome time down there.

Im on a huge Barenaked Ladies kick at the moment. It seems thats whats on my phone right now; and all that I listen to, other than the radio on my car. But I found something interesting in my car: my older iphone. I have no idea whats on it and until I get it charged I wont really know; what kind of music or videos or anything is on that little device.

I know its been a while since I posted here, but until I get into my own place and get my own Mental Notes going again Ill tell you guys all about being single and having to cook on your own. I imagine most of the time that this blog will be more about my cooking adventures and outings rather than dedicated Mental Notes. But not get me wrong: there will be Mental Notes, this blog is not going away any time soon.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Making a Post....

Because I can! Yes, I know its a nice day out there, and thats the winds not too bad and that I should be out there walking around and exploring more of the small little spot that Im going to be leaving next month. Heh. I forgot to tell you guys that the apartment place called me back and they want my 800$ Security deposit and then I will have my own place! But it seems in my life that if something good happens then here must be bad.

I picked up the mail and found out that I owe the Government of Canada more money! Yeah! About 111 dollars more! It threw me for a loop, I know I had my taxes done and sent in, but I never thought I would have to pay them more. Oh well, it sucks but I cant let that go on for too long; then the government starts to get antsy and they will start harassing me. But on the brighter side I went to walmart and grabbed some new clothes and some underwear.

I Finally have a Mental Note guys: If you underwear has holes. get new ones! Its that simple. Honestly I wouldnt mind if they had little holes, but theses had big, huge holes and the elastics were starting to break apart, which is why I went and got the new ones.

The only problem with having a smartphone as your communication device is that it drains the battery dry and sometimes I have to charge it overnight and get it ready for the next day, or it drains during the day and I have to charge it up, which is what I need to do today.

Well, now it looks a little bit more cloudy, like its going to rain or something but Im not outside so I cant smell the air; thats a really important factor when predicting the weather is being able to smell the moisture in the air. I used to live on the west coast so I know what the smell of rain is, and most of the time, Im right and the rain will fall. I might poke my head outside and see whats going on there.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Posting!

HA AH! See? I can update this blog more often! I have no idea what Im going to write but hey, I think I know what Im going to write about: which is Apartment Hunting. Sigh. Its not a fun past-time, even after all the advances of the Internet, its still a hard time; because I have never rented a place of my own. And it seems EVERYBODY wants references from previous landlords but I dont have any! I feel Im at a disadvantage since I dont have that under my belt. Oh well.

I had some hurdles, but I just finished submitting my application and I really liked this place, its called Glenmore Heights. If you know the big residential tower right across the street from Chinook Mall then you see it all the time. The best part? Its right on the ground floor, no fighting with elevators at odd hours of the night and its a nice, homey space. So its only 318 square feet, but honestly I wont need much more than that. Its got a fridge and freezer, sink, stove, bathroom with a tub and it would work for me. At least I really, really like the location, its close to work and everything thats right near Chinook Mall, like Home Depot, Co-Op, Future Shop, Staples, and all the eateries down MacLeod Trail. Plus its right easy access to work; just a quick 20 minutes down Glenmore Trail and BOOM! Im at work. Plus it has its own gym. It would save me paying 30$ for a membership I just dont use, and its included in my rent, and hey, its really close by; I would totally go! Im really hoping I get this place, I even might put a video of it empty when I move and do a before and after shot; I think that would be really neat. I could go on and on about this place but Im going to stop right there, because it would be a really long post. Talk to you later guys!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New phone!!

Yes, ive finally got a new phone called the moto Razr and let me tell you right now: i dont know why i didnt switch to this before. I mean, this phone has an amazing screen, the blacks are black and the whites are super bright. It makes me excited to have this phone in my hand right now and the best part is that i have data; so i can get that email i needed and not miss a beat!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Movie Review: Avengers

I went and saw the Avengers tonight and it was awesome! There was lots of star power behind the film and it kicks off right from the get-go with action. Honestly it's one of the best action movies iv ever seen in my life. Really.

It's also got very good comedic timing and the bantering that goes on-screen between the characters is really good; it really brings each character to light that they are just people who happen to have great power.

In short: go, run see this movie. Hell, see it 2 times. I know I will.

Sunday, May 6, 2012 post!

My previous posting was unfair to my ex. We tried to make things work, but it just didn't happen.

So now I've got a new post! What it's about I have no idea until my awesome droid razr phone comes to the store. There is a great big deal with the phone so I'll just give the skinny on the whole thing.

I got an upgrade and gave it to my ex and kept my iPhone; and a contract is 3 years. Now that we are separated I'm stuck with a broken phone(I have to be in the same room to get wi-fi. It's quite sad) but I used one of my 'product replacement' tokens that you get once a year. I got the razr but they told me that I had to sign on for another year.

Sure! I'm already in a 3 year contract and plan on making the razr my primary communication device and add data so what's another year?

So now I'm just waiting for the phone call from Rogers telling me to come pick it up and I will have a new phone.