Sunday, May 20, 2012

Making a Post....

Because I can! Yes, I know its a nice day out there, and thats the winds not too bad and that I should be out there walking around and exploring more of the small little spot that Im going to be leaving next month. Heh. I forgot to tell you guys that the apartment place called me back and they want my 800$ Security deposit and then I will have my own place! But it seems in my life that if something good happens then here must be bad.

I picked up the mail and found out that I owe the Government of Canada more money! Yeah! About 111 dollars more! It threw me for a loop, I know I had my taxes done and sent in, but I never thought I would have to pay them more. Oh well, it sucks but I cant let that go on for too long; then the government starts to get antsy and they will start harassing me. But on the brighter side I went to walmart and grabbed some new clothes and some underwear.

I Finally have a Mental Note guys: If you underwear has holes. get new ones! Its that simple. Honestly I wouldnt mind if they had little holes, but theses had big, huge holes and the elastics were starting to break apart, which is why I went and got the new ones.

The only problem with having a smartphone as your communication device is that it drains the battery dry and sometimes I have to charge it overnight and get it ready for the next day, or it drains during the day and I have to charge it up, which is what I need to do today.

Well, now it looks a little bit more cloudy, like its going to rain or something but Im not outside so I cant smell the air; thats a really important factor when predicting the weather is being able to smell the moisture in the air. I used to live on the west coast so I know what the smell of rain is, and most of the time, Im right and the rain will fall. I might poke my head outside and see whats going on there.

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