Sunday, May 6, 2012 post!

My previous posting was unfair to my ex. We tried to make things work, but it just didn't happen.

So now I've got a new post! What it's about I have no idea until my awesome droid razr phone comes to the store. There is a great big deal with the phone so I'll just give the skinny on the whole thing.

I got an upgrade and gave it to my ex and kept my iPhone; and a contract is 3 years. Now that we are separated I'm stuck with a broken phone(I have to be in the same room to get wi-fi. It's quite sad) but I used one of my 'product replacement' tokens that you get once a year. I got the razr but they told me that I had to sign on for another year.

Sure! I'm already in a 3 year contract and plan on making the razr my primary communication device and add data so what's another year?

So now I'm just waiting for the phone call from Rogers telling me to come pick it up and I will have a new phone.

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