Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Posting!

HA AH! See? I can update this blog more often! I have no idea what Im going to write but hey, I think I know what Im going to write about: which is Apartment Hunting. Sigh. Its not a fun past-time, even after all the advances of the Internet, its still a hard time; because I have never rented a place of my own. And it seems EVERYBODY wants references from previous landlords but I dont have any! I feel Im at a disadvantage since I dont have that under my belt. Oh well.

I had some hurdles, but I just finished submitting my application and I really liked this place, its called Glenmore Heights. If you know the big residential tower right across the street from Chinook Mall then you see it all the time. The best part? Its right on the ground floor, no fighting with elevators at odd hours of the night and its a nice, homey space. So its only 318 square feet, but honestly I wont need much more than that. Its got a fridge and freezer, sink, stove, bathroom with a tub and it would work for me. At least I really, really like the location, its close to work and everything thats right near Chinook Mall, like Home Depot, Co-Op, Future Shop, Staples, and all the eateries down MacLeod Trail. Plus its right easy access to work; just a quick 20 minutes down Glenmore Trail and BOOM! Im at work. Plus it has its own gym. It would save me paying 30$ for a membership I just dont use, and its included in my rent, and hey, its really close by; I would totally go! Im really hoping I get this place, I even might put a video of it empty when I move and do a before and after shot; I think that would be really neat. I could go on and on about this place but Im going to stop right there, because it would be a really long post. Talk to you later guys!

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