Sunday, July 29, 2012


It used to be a favourite past-time of mine. I could sit down and pound out all kinds of stories, ones that were sad to ones that made you cry with laughter. Ever since I got back into writing, I find that it just works for me. People respond to my writing and then it gets me motivated to write more!

Its a wonderful cycle and its one that I hope to keep alive for a long, long time. For the most part its just short stories at the moment, but one of these days Ill get around to writing a nice, big book. I have no idea what it will be about but as long as people gave good feedback on it, I could work forever on it!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Clean house.

I have a clean house! It makes me happy that Im not living in a pigsty any more, that I can see my floor and feel thats clean under my bare feet. It helps buying a swiffer mop. And having a vacuum and cleaning supplies.

So, I went to walmart today but I didnt get my microphone since I had gotten a few frozen things, I didnt want them to de-thaw but it would be kind of a stretch to say that Walmart would have a kick-ass mic that would be perfect for recording auditions and trying to break into the voice acting scene.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Posting for the sake of posting!

Ha! I like to think I'm awesome and when i blog i prove it to myself! So I've had a few different people from work say that i should go into voice acting for cartoons! could you imagine how totally awesome that would be? Having your voice and character immortalized forever? It makes me regret getting rid of my kick ass microphone that i wasn't really using at the time, but the best way to get into voice acting is getting your voice out there!

Which is what I'm planning to do now, I've gone through some topsy-turvy spots and i think that i could do really well in voice acting. I just need a microphone. And groceries, heh, I've kind run out of food at the moment but i have money so a trip to Walmart will fix that right up, who knows, they might even have mics there too!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grrrr....stupid computer

Yes, my computer is acting up acting up again and not being cooperative. Its over heating more and more now and i know that it will die sometime here pretty quick but i don't have the funds to make that kind of purchase right at this moment.

Besides, i still need to save my money for my trip at the end of next month! It makes me exited to see my family again!

i think that's all for right now, other than i managed to get sunburned while walking the other day, but for the most part is gone down and i feel normal.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I did it!

I finally put ice cream sandwich on my phone! The best part? Its the official Rogers build! It makes me happy, and i feel smart, it took me all day, but it was worth it!


Sandwich that is! See its like this: Motorola likes the rest of the world so much that they gave them the Ice Cream Sandwich update and left Canada in the cold! Heck even South Africa has the ICS update before we do! Really Moto? Thats not cool at all, now Im trying to put the update onto my Razr phone and its already quite the process!

Well first I was trying to root my phone using a 4.0.4 rootkit and wondering why it wasnt working at all. I realized that my phone is still running on 2.3.6 and had to get THAT version rooted first before I did anything. So I got it rooted and grabbed the ICS update that is sitting online from Rogers and got it onto my phone. Only problem is that you need to put the phone into the 'recovery mode' and wipe the old OS and make way for the new.

Thats where my problem sprouted. Ive got the update sitting on my phone and the ROM manager seemed to work ok, but I came across some problems in the 'recovery mode' something about a Status 6 error type code. I did some homework on that, trying to find out what the heck it means inside of Safestrap but nothing. Plus I had already wiped the old data from my phone.

Yep, so I had a bricked Motorola Razr sitting in my lap for about 30 minutes while I fiddeled around with the Safestrap 'recovery mode' and managed to get back into Android. Im grateful but now Im more determined than ever to get the ICS update working on my phone; Ill get it working no matter what it costs! I want those new features that all the Galaxy Nexus people have been toting around for a while now...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brony update?

Yes, if you've seen my Facebook and twitter update it says i'm a Brony. What is a Brony you ask? Well, it goes like thi a Brony is a good guy, who usually does the right thing, which describes me pretty well. The show and community is an outlet for that kind of stuff, just good people getting together and watching an awesome show.

So that's being a Brony in a nutshell.  Nothing complicated, just a cool show and people watching it.  Like I said, my favourite pony is pinkie pie, she's just so random and awesome!  Besides the mane 6 (haha, see what I did there?) it's a tie between vinyl scratch and derpy.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Being alone...

Life is really different when you live on your own. Talking to yourself is a no no and when you don't know anybody else it gets that creepy quiet that happens in movies. I can handle it though, I have my house to keep clean and the occasional movie to keep me sane.  Except when you run out of a show and realize they are still making the next season, le sigh.

Ooh well, that comes with the privilege of living alone: no body to tell you what to do or criticise your decision about something. And since it's getting late, I think I'll call it a night.