Saturday, April 24, 2010


They said it was only going to rain, which I really wasnt OK with in the first place, and then what happens? Why it SNOWS. Yes, its currently snowing outside my window. And its sticking to the ground. I am very confused, previously when i have lived here in the Great North I am used to sunny weather for April. Not so.

Uh...yeah. More posting though! OH! I actually have a Mental Note for you all! Remember that PS3 games are meant for a BIG screen. I have recently came across a smaller tv to use for my gaming purposes and Ive got to looks really tiny, I can hardly read some of the text in the games I play...Oh well.


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Anonymous said...

SNOW? I am in alabama I dont even know what that is!

Nice Blog Btw!

I will be checking back to see if you have any updates!

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