Saturday, December 29, 2012

Swag vs. Class

So there's been this endless debate about Swag vs Class and I can finally give my opinion: Class all the way.

Class has been around for much, much longer than swag, which I refer to as "Adolescent, grubby Class" I mean think about the differences, Swag has muscle shirts, bad goatees, and straight ball caps and baggy pants with sneakers.

Now Class on the other hand is much more refined: a good suit, sharp tie, facial hair trimmed and neat and hair nicely done and not hiding under a hat with a pair of shiny shoes.

Based on those two comparisons, plus many great men have embraced Class for far longer than Swag. Take any old-time musician or businessman and compare them to Jersey Shore and clearly there is a winner in terms of what looks good on guys.

Monday, December 10, 2012

thinking about moving.

So.  Ive been thinking recently.  maybe calgary is tapped out for me.  i would like to be closer to my family and that maybe ive outgrown my hometown.  I know where all of the good stuff is here in ol Cow-Town. 

Calgary just feels stale for some reason, like theres not a whole lot happening here, either with my job or social wise.  and a place ive been thinking about moving to is Vancouver.

now hear me out: its right on the coast, an 8 hour drive to my family or a really short plane ride or train hop, and with my job I can move anywhere in canada and have both my job and my pay-rate.  i mean sure calgary is my hometown but it only lasts for so long that a place feels stale and unexciting.

i looked at places to rent in vancouver and the surrounding area.  check this out: a basement suite with a gas fireplace and one bedroom at 700 square feet i can get for less than 800$ a month!  with all utilities included!  its crazy!  I pay the same amount for less than half the space!  so its something to consider for me, if things dont work out with my current love interest.

being closer to my family is important for me and if that means moving away from my hometown of 4 years then so be it.  besides, i think i might be done with all this crazy 'snow' stuff.  I love how it makes everything white but to drive in it is something completely different.  it sucks.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

three day weekend!

yes! i managed to snag a three day weekend!  i personally think everyone should have a long weekend every once in a while.  i would say about once a month.  from the boring motony of working all the time i personally think it should be mandatory for every profession.  everyone from world leaders to the lowly mc donalds worker.

everyone likes weekends and if i was a world leader i would try and mandate long weekends through my country.  happy workers are productive workers right?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Friend zone.

I am here to tell you one thing tonight: the Friend Zone does exist.

Science seemingly has proven this relation anomaly as myth but I am here to tell you that it is in fact very, very real. I had been seeing this woman for the past two weeks now and gone one two dates with her.  I feel that things are going in a very positive direction with the dates leading somewhere.  Tonight i received a message from her saying basically: i like you but im not feeling it.

Really?  she told me multiple times that she liked me but then decided to put me on a shelf like a bad piece of china never to be used again?  Seriously?  But i am confident that this happens to everyone, where in their mind they think its going well, but then the other partner pulls the rug from under their feet.  Its disheartening to say the least, and I will never understand how a female's mind works.  Ever.

We have advanced diagnostic tools that can scan a brain in real-time and give us feedback instantly but the inner workings of a womans' brain?  Forget about it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Yes.  I went on a date, and it was AWESOME! i wont get into specifics but it went really well and I am on track for another date with the wonderful woman i met tonight.  its been WAY too long since ive had some genuine, human interaction and its something i think i deserve.  Now ive got to plan the second date, which of course cant be a repeat of the first date, that just makes you look tacky and unimaginative.  im so glad the internet has all kinds of dating ideas, it was actually from the internet.

Now ive got to scrounge around for more ideas, if you excuse me.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello world!

Yes, its a blog posting!  i know, long time no posting right?  Anyway, im typing away on my new bluetooth keyboard that i just managed to snag today, its been so long since ive typed on  a real keyboard and having a keyboard for my nexus tablet is just icing on the cake.  But enough about that, Im here to talk about something thats been bugging me for a long time now:

Canada treated as a third world country.  With technology I mean.

Yes, i had this revelation a while ago, that in terms of when new technology comes to the great north, we are usually the runt of the litter.  All the technology seems to get released in three areas first: the US, Europe, and Asia.  Then it gets filtered down from there and finally in either the second or third wave we are able to get our mitts on the newest phone.  Want to know whats really bad though?

Research in Motion, or RIM the makers of Blackberries and their Playbook are based and operate in CANADA! right at Waterloo, and all their new stuff gets released in the States first!  it makes me sad to see a Canadian company ignore its own people and just deny us our tech goodies.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

iYawn 5

So apple came out with the new iphone and personal opinion it sucks really really bad.

Apple will always play catch up now and things won't look better for them--ever.

I found this and I just shook my head. They changed 3 hardware things and a bunch of software stuff and expect people to get it with open arms.

Even my phone the moto RAZR a phone from yesteryear is better than the new iPhone they just came out with.

Apple. I am sad that you have failed to innovate.  Again.