Thursday, April 23, 2009

hello all.

Im back, and in three days no less! I might be really hurting tomorrow...See it went like this; I went to Soccer with the missionaries and I ran around that gym for a solid hour and a half, and got hit in the face twice by the ball.

Do I feel good right now? Yes, as I was able to keep up with the 'pro' guys who were decked out in soccer shoes, shorts, shirts and ect, ect. Now if only I could stop my neck hurting, that would be great. Its like a constant twinge on the right side of my neck, always there no matter how I twist my neck.

Monday, April 20, 2009

No Effort!

it was pretty awesome last night at work...things seemed to go just my way. No highway involved, it just seemed to flow from one thing into another and soon enough I found myself talking to a pretty girl, whom said that she had been working doubles for her two jobs and stuff.

Well, I wasnt planning on being smooth, but I suppose some of my antics got me somewhere, because she came back roughly 3 minutes later and was kind of fidgity, saying 'normally I dont do this...but here is my number. give me a call and maybe we can hang out for coffee?'

This blew me away! I was just being my fun loving self, and she gives me her number! No effort at all, maybe...just maybe, Im that good.

Now that I wrote it, probably not, and after the first meeting she will probably forget all about me, which is pretty common for me...But, I gotta keep hope right? Who knows, it might lead somewhere...if I can get her to quit smoking....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Movie Reivew: Dragonball: Evolution

Yep, I went and saw the movie. Ill be totally honest with you all, I never expected this movie to come to the big screen. See the story goes like this; some time way back in 2003 there were rumors flying around of doing a live-action DBZ movie, from Fox. Only problem is that it come around and was non existant. Rumors of the movie had flown around on the Internet for AGES so I was basically on the stance of: when I see it in the movies, then its real.

Which it became real. For those not in the know, Dragonball follows the account of a child named Goku who is trainted in martial arts by his grandfather Gohan. Along the way he meets up with a very diverse cast in search of the seven mystic Dragon balls which will grant one wish.

The movie is actually for the time of Dragonball, I think what most people were expecting was something from the next series, Dragonball Z. I dont have a problem watching the older series because it shows where it all started, developes the characters a little bit.

Anyway onto the movie, I thought it was a pretty good kung-fu movie. If you really want to watch it as a Dragonball movie you must remember a few points before going in. Its not going to be directly ripped from the show, or Manga. Some of the fight sequences were really well done, especially the fight between Goku and the thugs, it was very well done and looked and felt like something directly from the Anime. For those who stayed after the credits, you know there is room for a sequel, and once they've done it once, they can do it better again right?

The ending fight between Piccolo and Goku was kind of a let down, there was all this build to the fight, but it was pretty much over before it started. So. If you like Dragonball go and watch the movie, but keep the pointer in mind and it will be pretty good with an open mind towards the series. OH, before I forget: Akira Toriyama produced it. The original pen that wrote Dragonball and DBZ produced the movie along side the regular production staff. That little tidbit blew me away.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Silly me...

So I did a silly thing tonight. See I wanted to put the Charlie the Unicorn movies onto my iPhone; and FYI for all those people out there, they have made a 3rd movie. Check it out on Newgrounds, it will be right on the front page.

Anyway, I hooked up my iPhone to my computer, and suprise, suprise it wiped all of my old songs that I had burnt from forever ago. Now I gotta import 35 CDs back onto my new computer... it stinks.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Four days...

between posts...opps. Heh, I am looking to get this down to maybe a bi-daily thing, not a 4 day thing. Oh well, by making the post its the first step!

Anyway, I am proud to announce that the Iphone of Time is pretty much complete! Now with photos to prove such a thing. I could go through the long and hard process of actually making it LOOK like an the one from the actual game, getting shiny materal to use on the prop and all that stuff...but I consider this to be my 'rough draft'. I will be imporving this as time goes on, and when it comes time for AX which is in 84 DAYS! It makes me really excited.

However it makes me really neverous at the same many things to get in passport, plane tickets, hotel stuffs...its enough to make my head spin, which it usually does. Anyway, just an update for those wanting to know about my Iphone of Time

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My old man...

He pulled a fast one on me! I thought he wasnt comming until much later in the year, but I was at my Aunts house and guess who walks through the door: my dad and his girlfriend! Least to say, I was blown away, I had no IDEA he was comming. It was a total shock to the system to see him standing there.

We have done nothing but FEASTED in the past two days, and although they leave tomorrow, I plan on taking that night off of work no matter what my boss says. Its my family. If he wants to fire me over visiting with my dad whom i have not seen in the past 5 months, then fine. He can look for someone else.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Conflict! Yeppers, lots of my extended family are comming in tonight and we are going to get ready for a giant feast and the problem tonight? Im working! See, I told my boss that I would need Saturday off but didnt realize that we were doing the huge dinner thing tonight...

It would be like a dine and dash...hardly talking with any of makes me quite sad. I would very much rather just call into work and have my co-worker cover it but I havent heard back from him on I gotta go. Ugh...this working thing sucks. I want a high-paying job with little or no stress...does one exist?

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Thats how I currently feel about work. My boss is being stingy and doesnt want to pay over time to his employees; forcing us to only just have two days off. However, here is the big problem: see some of my family are comming tomorrow and I want to visit with them for the weekend.

Will my boss let me off to take part in said visit? Signs point to no as he made it clear to me and my co-worker this morning "Im not paying you guys overtime." But you know what I say to that? My family is WAY, WAY more important than my job. Sure it nets me money, and drains some of my time, but since Im here in Canada I hardly ever get to see my family. So...the solution to the equation is: contact my co-worker and tell him to take the shifts. He wants to take them, telling me over and over again how he needs the money.

It works for me, and works out for him too, but now I just need to get in contact with him and confirm it all. And if I loose my job over visiting my family, then its not a good place to work.

Anyway if you havent noticed, this post is really really early in the day. I got off from work roughly 2 hours ago which explains why. Thing is...Im not sleepy. Im trying to get myself into that trance mode and then get some sleep. Hopefully staring at webpages will do the trick...