Thursday, April 2, 2009


Thats how I currently feel about work. My boss is being stingy and doesnt want to pay over time to his employees; forcing us to only just have two days off. However, here is the big problem: see some of my family are comming tomorrow and I want to visit with them for the weekend.

Will my boss let me off to take part in said visit? Signs point to no as he made it clear to me and my co-worker this morning "Im not paying you guys overtime." But you know what I say to that? My family is WAY, WAY more important than my job. Sure it nets me money, and drains some of my time, but since Im here in Canada I hardly ever get to see my family. So...the solution to the equation is: contact my co-worker and tell him to take the shifts. He wants to take them, telling me over and over again how he needs the money.

It works for me, and works out for him too, but now I just need to get in contact with him and confirm it all. And if I loose my job over visiting my family, then its not a good place to work.

Anyway if you havent noticed, this post is really really early in the day. I got off from work roughly 2 hours ago which explains why. Thing is...Im not sleepy. Im trying to get myself into that trance mode and then get some sleep. Hopefully staring at webpages will do the trick...

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Jenny Westheaven said...

I hope everything works out for you! Family really is more important than a job.

It sounds like they might not even let you off in July, with how your boss is acting. :< I hope he does, though! I want to see mah Phoenix again.