Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Four days...

between posts...opps. Heh, I am looking to get this down to maybe a bi-daily thing, not a 4 day thing. Oh well, by making the post its the first step!

Anyway, I am proud to announce that the Iphone of Time is pretty much complete! Now with photos to prove such a thing. I could go through the long and hard process of actually making it LOOK like an the one from the actual game, getting shiny materal to use on the prop and all that stuff...but I consider this to be my 'rough draft'. I will be imporving this as time goes on, and when it comes time for AX which is in 84 DAYS! It makes me really excited.

However it makes me really neverous at the same many things to get in passport, plane tickets, hotel stuffs...its enough to make my head spin, which it usually does. Anyway, just an update for those wanting to know about my Iphone of Time

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