Monday, April 13, 2009

Movie Reivew: Dragonball: Evolution

Yep, I went and saw the movie. Ill be totally honest with you all, I never expected this movie to come to the big screen. See the story goes like this; some time way back in 2003 there were rumors flying around of doing a live-action DBZ movie, from Fox. Only problem is that it come around and was non existant. Rumors of the movie had flown around on the Internet for AGES so I was basically on the stance of: when I see it in the movies, then its real.

Which it became real. For those not in the know, Dragonball follows the account of a child named Goku who is trainted in martial arts by his grandfather Gohan. Along the way he meets up with a very diverse cast in search of the seven mystic Dragon balls which will grant one wish.

The movie is actually for the time of Dragonball, I think what most people were expecting was something from the next series, Dragonball Z. I dont have a problem watching the older series because it shows where it all started, developes the characters a little bit.

Anyway onto the movie, I thought it was a pretty good kung-fu movie. If you really want to watch it as a Dragonball movie you must remember a few points before going in. Its not going to be directly ripped from the show, or Manga. Some of the fight sequences were really well done, especially the fight between Goku and the thugs, it was very well done and looked and felt like something directly from the Anime. For those who stayed after the credits, you know there is room for a sequel, and once they've done it once, they can do it better again right?

The ending fight between Piccolo and Goku was kind of a let down, there was all this build to the fight, but it was pretty much over before it started. So. If you like Dragonball go and watch the movie, but keep the pointer in mind and it will be pretty good with an open mind towards the series. OH, before I forget: Akira Toriyama produced it. The original pen that wrote Dragonball and DBZ produced the movie along side the regular production staff. That little tidbit blew me away.

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Rach said...

They NEVER fight in dragon ball z! It takes like 60 episodes for them to do anything!!!