Monday, April 20, 2009

No Effort!

it was pretty awesome last night at work...things seemed to go just my way. No highway involved, it just seemed to flow from one thing into another and soon enough I found myself talking to a pretty girl, whom said that she had been working doubles for her two jobs and stuff.

Well, I wasnt planning on being smooth, but I suppose some of my antics got me somewhere, because she came back roughly 3 minutes later and was kind of fidgity, saying 'normally I dont do this...but here is my number. give me a call and maybe we can hang out for coffee?'

This blew me away! I was just being my fun loving self, and she gives me her number! No effort at all, maybe...just maybe, Im that good.

Now that I wrote it, probably not, and after the first meeting she will probably forget all about me, which is pretty common for me...But, I gotta keep hope right? Who knows, it might lead somewhere...if I can get her to quit smoking....

1 comment:

Timmah said...

Whatever you do....don't kiss a smoker. You'll puke.