Thursday, April 23, 2009

hello all.

Im back, and in three days no less! I might be really hurting tomorrow...See it went like this; I went to Soccer with the missionaries and I ran around that gym for a solid hour and a half, and got hit in the face twice by the ball.

Do I feel good right now? Yes, as I was able to keep up with the 'pro' guys who were decked out in soccer shoes, shorts, shirts and ect, ect. Now if only I could stop my neck hurting, that would be great. Its like a constant twinge on the right side of my neck, always there no matter how I twist my neck.


Rach said...

Sorry about your face...that sucks! haha

Jenny Westheaven said...

Ooh, owww, yeah, I've had that neck thing before too. If you have a chiropractor around, best thing to do is to get it checked. D;

Timmah said...

I would have video taped it, and then sent it off to AFV!