Friday, May 1, 2009

So....Swine Flu

Its here in the Great North, there have been 6 cases reported here in Alberta and frankly; Im not worried. I mean sure, there is the real possiability of this turning ugly but for the most part, I think people are kind of over-reacting about the whole thing.

Yes it comes from pigs, yes the symptoms are basically the flu. Everyone on the entire planet has had the flu at some point or another so why make a big deal out of this one? I just dont see the need to be over-active about this thing, the world is up in arms over it, but I think it wont be that bad.

I know there have been well over 100 deaths in Mexico, but I personally think that generally, the worst is over. I dont expect this thing to turn huge like everyone is panicking about, if you really want to find out how bad this could be, go play a game called Pandemic II. In fact, it wouldnt be that hard to re-create the sceniaro in the game...Hm...a game could offer incrediable insight into all of this...

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Rach said...

Tyson-The swine flu doesn't come from pigs! Don't you listen to the news??? They've even thought about changing the name because so many people think that!!!! LOL