Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another year. And older too

Yes, I had my birthday yesterday. Did I celebrate? In a way, yes; I went to peters and got myself a burger and fries and to 7-11 to get a slurpee. I still went to work, and basically it was another day, like the one before it. It's kind of tough to get excited for birthdays after 21 or so. I mean, if you take the day off of work, you don't get paid for it, and you can't pound back the cake and ice cream like you could because your body has matured and needs vitamins and other balancing stuff right?

Well, I should leave early for work, since it's SNOWING out. Yeah, the 2nd day of spring and it's snowing. They don't call it the great WHITE north for nothin'. Take care everybody.

Monday, March 12, 2012

New Mobile look

Yeppers! there is a new look to the mobile version of the Mental Notes! so if youve got an iPhone, Android, blackberry, or tablet, you should check out the new layout! Well its not a new layout, but the theme is updated to look like the main page so its all good across the platforms! I LOVE when everything works all out.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Zombie Preparedness Guide...Sort of.

So, the title says this is kind of a Zombie guide. Well not so much as a guide as more my thoughts on the perfect place to be when it happens; which is a Home Depot, especially if there was a Walmart or other type of grocery store beside it.

My reasoning is this: with the Home Depot there are lots of options for weapons, defenses, and generally the ability to build stuff and make additions to things you already have. Like using all the plywood and drywall to make a connecting path between the Home Depot and Walmart and using nailguns with the air compressors and not to mention all the spray cans that can be used as flame throwers. Of course being close to Walmart means all kinds of food, clothing, and essentials and building the two of them together was a really smart move. I applaud the person who did that, they're geniuses.

Well...thats all that I have on the minute, because I drive by a place where there is a Home Depot and Walmart right close to each other and it would be a fantastic place to be when the Zombie outbreak happens.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snowed in! Gasp!

Yes, I am snowed in. The roads are sounding pretty bad and the 30+ KM winds don't help the situation. The roads are snow-covered, with icy patches and drifting snow. I already called into work; I don't exactly feel comfy driving in that stuff.

So I'm currently at home silently mocking the brave souls who wish to venture through this stuff. I'm not being mean about it, I just wouldn't do that myself at all.

I get the feeling my day is still going to be full of stuff to do. Like cleaning around the house and maybe even getting dressed but I won't get ahead of myself; one thing at a time.