Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Zombie Preparedness Guide...Sort of.

So, the title says this is kind of a Zombie guide. Well not so much as a guide as more my thoughts on the perfect place to be when it happens; which is a Home Depot, especially if there was a Walmart or other type of grocery store beside it.

My reasoning is this: with the Home Depot there are lots of options for weapons, defenses, and generally the ability to build stuff and make additions to things you already have. Like using all the plywood and drywall to make a connecting path between the Home Depot and Walmart and using nailguns with the air compressors and not to mention all the spray cans that can be used as flame throwers. Of course being close to Walmart means all kinds of food, clothing, and essentials and building the two of them together was a really smart move. I applaud the person who did that, they're geniuses.

Well...thats all that I have on the minute, because I drive by a place where there is a Home Depot and Walmart right close to each other and it would be a fantastic place to be when the Zombie outbreak happens.

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