Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another year. And older too

Yes, I had my birthday yesterday. Did I celebrate? In a way, yes; I went to peters and got myself a burger and fries and to 7-11 to get a slurpee. I still went to work, and basically it was another day, like the one before it. It's kind of tough to get excited for birthdays after 21 or so. I mean, if you take the day off of work, you don't get paid for it, and you can't pound back the cake and ice cream like you could because your body has matured and needs vitamins and other balancing stuff right?

Well, I should leave early for work, since it's SNOWING out. Yeah, the 2nd day of spring and it's snowing. They don't call it the great WHITE north for nothin'. Take care everybody.

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Rach said...

It's TOTALLY snowing up here too and I'm due any day! Urgggg...