Saturday, December 29, 2012

Swag vs. Class

So there's been this endless debate about Swag vs Class and I can finally give my opinion: Class all the way.

Class has been around for much, much longer than swag, which I refer to as "Adolescent, grubby Class" I mean think about the differences, Swag has muscle shirts, bad goatees, and straight ball caps and baggy pants with sneakers.

Now Class on the other hand is much more refined: a good suit, sharp tie, facial hair trimmed and neat and hair nicely done and not hiding under a hat with a pair of shiny shoes.

Based on those two comparisons, plus many great men have embraced Class for far longer than Swag. Take any old-time musician or businessman and compare them to Jersey Shore and clearly there is a winner in terms of what looks good on guys.

Monday, December 10, 2012

thinking about moving.

So.  Ive been thinking recently.  maybe calgary is tapped out for me.  i would like to be closer to my family and that maybe ive outgrown my hometown.  I know where all of the good stuff is here in ol Cow-Town. 

Calgary just feels stale for some reason, like theres not a whole lot happening here, either with my job or social wise.  and a place ive been thinking about moving to is Vancouver.

now hear me out: its right on the coast, an 8 hour drive to my family or a really short plane ride or train hop, and with my job I can move anywhere in canada and have both my job and my pay-rate.  i mean sure calgary is my hometown but it only lasts for so long that a place feels stale and unexciting.

i looked at places to rent in vancouver and the surrounding area.  check this out: a basement suite with a gas fireplace and one bedroom at 700 square feet i can get for less than 800$ a month!  with all utilities included!  its crazy!  I pay the same amount for less than half the space!  so its something to consider for me, if things dont work out with my current love interest.

being closer to my family is important for me and if that means moving away from my hometown of 4 years then so be it.  besides, i think i might be done with all this crazy 'snow' stuff.  I love how it makes everything white but to drive in it is something completely different.  it sucks.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

three day weekend!

yes! i managed to snag a three day weekend!  i personally think everyone should have a long weekend every once in a while.  i would say about once a month.  from the boring motony of working all the time i personally think it should be mandatory for every profession.  everyone from world leaders to the lowly mc donalds worker.

everyone likes weekends and if i was a world leader i would try and mandate long weekends through my country.  happy workers are productive workers right?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Friend zone.

I am here to tell you one thing tonight: the Friend Zone does exist.

Science seemingly has proven this relation anomaly as myth but I am here to tell you that it is in fact very, very real. I had been seeing this woman for the past two weeks now and gone one two dates with her.  I feel that things are going in a very positive direction with the dates leading somewhere.  Tonight i received a message from her saying basically: i like you but im not feeling it.

Really?  she told me multiple times that she liked me but then decided to put me on a shelf like a bad piece of china never to be used again?  Seriously?  But i am confident that this happens to everyone, where in their mind they think its going well, but then the other partner pulls the rug from under their feet.  Its disheartening to say the least, and I will never understand how a female's mind works.  Ever.

We have advanced diagnostic tools that can scan a brain in real-time and give us feedback instantly but the inner workings of a womans' brain?  Forget about it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Yes.  I went on a date, and it was AWESOME! i wont get into specifics but it went really well and I am on track for another date with the wonderful woman i met tonight.  its been WAY too long since ive had some genuine, human interaction and its something i think i deserve.  Now ive got to plan the second date, which of course cant be a repeat of the first date, that just makes you look tacky and unimaginative.  im so glad the internet has all kinds of dating ideas, it was actually from the internet.

Now ive got to scrounge around for more ideas, if you excuse me.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello world!

Yes, its a blog posting!  i know, long time no posting right?  Anyway, im typing away on my new bluetooth keyboard that i just managed to snag today, its been so long since ive typed on  a real keyboard and having a keyboard for my nexus tablet is just icing on the cake.  But enough about that, Im here to talk about something thats been bugging me for a long time now:

Canada treated as a third world country.  With technology I mean.

Yes, i had this revelation a while ago, that in terms of when new technology comes to the great north, we are usually the runt of the litter.  All the technology seems to get released in three areas first: the US, Europe, and Asia.  Then it gets filtered down from there and finally in either the second or third wave we are able to get our mitts on the newest phone.  Want to know whats really bad though?

Research in Motion, or RIM the makers of Blackberries and their Playbook are based and operate in CANADA! right at Waterloo, and all their new stuff gets released in the States first!  it makes me sad to see a Canadian company ignore its own people and just deny us our tech goodies.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

iYawn 5

So apple came out with the new iphone and personal opinion it sucks really really bad.

Apple will always play catch up now and things won't look better for them--ever.

I found this and I just shook my head. They changed 3 hardware things and a bunch of software stuff and expect people to get it with open arms.

Even my phone the moto RAZR a phone from yesteryear is better than the new iPhone they just came out with.

Apple. I am sad that you have failed to innovate.  Again.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Yes, this post is bout a game, but I'll be comparing it to something close to my heart: Canada.

How?  Let's factor in a bunch of stuff in a general sense: a massive country with tall jagged mountains and rolling hills?

Skyrim check
Canada check

Hard working people resistant to cold and snow and love to play in said snow and always want an alcoholic beverage of some kind?

Skyrim check
Canada check

So I think Bethesda really had our great white north in mind when they made the game, and that's one of the reasons I like it so much.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And its over

Yes. I am returning to the frozen north, well its not frozen but give it about 3 weeks and it will.

Like the title says, my wondrous vacation is over, i should never, ever stay away from my family for more than a year at the most.  Its nicer that my family follows my Facebook postings, it's nice to know they care. 

i got a bunch of clothes and games all at crazy American prices; not like Canada where a pair of pants is 35$ and games are 70$ it's almost highway robbery!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

On vacation

It feels good to be on vacation, don't have to worry about work, dealing with traffic, or bills for a while, its just a wonderful experience. I think everyone should take vacation at least every 6 months. It should be a requirement for working at a place, its just awesome.

Monday, August 20, 2012

:| I made that emoticon

That's basically my expression at the moment. See I'm about to go on vacation and thought it would be good to arrive early and best whatever crowds would bee in the airport. Only to realize that i managed to get there 6 hours early, and that i can't check in buy have to wait until the 2 hour mark before i can even get my boarding pass printed.

I honestly thought about bringing my nexus 7 tablet but decided against it, because my phone can already do the stuff that the tablet can do and didn't make sense to bring it.

I know I'm going to need a nap when i get to my destination! I will be one sleepy man when i get there.  And its exactly like my coworker said: I'd be too excited to sleep and presto, its happening just looker he said it would...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Testing the microphone

Okay this is me testing the microphone on the nexus 7 ha ha ha wow that's pretty cool.

So I'm finding that I can't really do dictate between sentences but for the most part I think it'll work just fine. Makes writing down mental note the heck of a lot easier um so I'd just testing this out to see if it actually works and it seems to be working really well.

The only problem I'm finding is that it cant tell where a sentence starts and where sentence ends. So I still have to put in punctuation now to make it easier to read and thats that's okay I'm willing to live with that.

So the next time when I have an actual mental note I'll actually be able to put it down from my brain directly on to the post rather than typing through fingers.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Nexus 7 and Goodbye PCs.

Like the title says, I got myself a Nexus 7 and am ditching the PC world. I have a PS3 now and can play awesome games on that and for the most part my PC gets used for looking at websites, Youtube and reading stuff online. I havent watched any movies that I had stored on my laptop and I figured rather than upgrading to a new PC with all the bells and whistles and dropping some serious money, I figured I would get a tablet.

I looked at this one and thought it would be a good substitute and would go with that one. I was determined to get it, but then saw the Nexus 7 sitting right next to it in the store. It was only 60$ more, with double the memory and the next step in the processor.

How could I refuse? I asked the folks at Futureshop if they had one, but was denied, "You cant find these in Calgary. They're sold out everywhere..." I was determined and there was another Futureshop on the way home and thought Why Not?

I got there and then asked, one went into the back room to see and the other guy chatted me up about the rumours about Apple's 7 inch marvel, which I scoffed at, and then from the back, a man came back with a box: It was a Nexus 7! I just about flipped my lid, we walked to the cash register, and he sighed, saying that he was going to buy that one after work! I smiled inside, and then a SMOKIN' hot girl came up to me and showed me her Nexus 7 saying that she loved hers. My grin couldnt be any bigger as I walked out the store, knowing I swiped the tablet of awesomeness right from their hands and will put it to good use.

Since this is my last post on a PC I figured that it would be cool to do a little send off for PCs, but I cant think of anything right now. Oh wait! Thanks for the games, word processors, and all that other stuff you do. Im gone to tablets and will never look back.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Day off

I love having weekends. I take all the chores and do them on the first day so that the second day is really nothing but relaxing all day long, and so far that plan seems to work every time. Except when i forget to do laundry, and then its something to do on the 2nd day.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

On the lookout

I'm on the lookout for a new PC. preferably a desktop so that it doesn't shut down randomly. I'm going to try and breathe some life into my dying laptop by using canned air and see how much life i can get from it before i bite the bullet. But now I'm thinking that since i have a PS3 again and the only real thing i user my PC for is YouTube I'm thinking i might just get a really nice tablet

Friday, August 10, 2012


So I'm on break at work. Its pretty boring here; there's no soda machine, and no sink, its quite sad. I get s whole 15 minutes to spend to myself in silence, unless someone walls through the door.  Thought i would make a post and pass the time.

Maybe I'll see if i can escape early and go back to my studio apartment of solitude.  Although my computer has been acting more and more on the Fritz lately: shutting off when listening to music and typing out a story....might have to replace it sooner than i thought.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I have new Stories!

Remember back a while ago I made a post about how I was writing new stories and stuff? Well I have a link to a profile I made and some of my new stories Ive been working on right here

Yes, the stories about My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. I really like writing about the different scenarios that can occur in that world; since its all new I can create whatever I want and with a little bit of tweaking it can work. Plus how often can I write an awesome story about near-godly ponies taking over kingdoms by force? Or about the despair of defeat and the ultimate choice to surrender?

Like I said, I love LOVE receiving feedback, and you have to sign up on the site to leave a reply or you can just submit a comment here on Blogger. I thought Id update you guys on what Im doing in my free time! And let me tell you I have LOADS of that hanging around.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


It used to be a favourite past-time of mine. I could sit down and pound out all kinds of stories, ones that were sad to ones that made you cry with laughter. Ever since I got back into writing, I find that it just works for me. People respond to my writing and then it gets me motivated to write more!

Its a wonderful cycle and its one that I hope to keep alive for a long, long time. For the most part its just short stories at the moment, but one of these days Ill get around to writing a nice, big book. I have no idea what it will be about but as long as people gave good feedback on it, I could work forever on it!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Clean house.

I have a clean house! It makes me happy that Im not living in a pigsty any more, that I can see my floor and feel thats clean under my bare feet. It helps buying a swiffer mop. And having a vacuum and cleaning supplies.

So, I went to walmart today but I didnt get my microphone since I had gotten a few frozen things, I didnt want them to de-thaw but it would be kind of a stretch to say that Walmart would have a kick-ass mic that would be perfect for recording auditions and trying to break into the voice acting scene.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Posting for the sake of posting!

Ha! I like to think I'm awesome and when i blog i prove it to myself! So I've had a few different people from work say that i should go into voice acting for cartoons! could you imagine how totally awesome that would be? Having your voice and character immortalized forever? It makes me regret getting rid of my kick ass microphone that i wasn't really using at the time, but the best way to get into voice acting is getting your voice out there!

Which is what I'm planning to do now, I've gone through some topsy-turvy spots and i think that i could do really well in voice acting. I just need a microphone. And groceries, heh, I've kind run out of food at the moment but i have money so a trip to Walmart will fix that right up, who knows, they might even have mics there too!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grrrr....stupid computer

Yes, my computer is acting up acting up again and not being cooperative. Its over heating more and more now and i know that it will die sometime here pretty quick but i don't have the funds to make that kind of purchase right at this moment.

Besides, i still need to save my money for my trip at the end of next month! It makes me exited to see my family again!

i think that's all for right now, other than i managed to get sunburned while walking the other day, but for the most part is gone down and i feel normal.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I did it!

I finally put ice cream sandwich on my phone! The best part? Its the official Rogers build! It makes me happy, and i feel smart, it took me all day, but it was worth it!


Sandwich that is! See its like this: Motorola likes the rest of the world so much that they gave them the Ice Cream Sandwich update and left Canada in the cold! Heck even South Africa has the ICS update before we do! Really Moto? Thats not cool at all, now Im trying to put the update onto my Razr phone and its already quite the process!

Well first I was trying to root my phone using a 4.0.4 rootkit and wondering why it wasnt working at all. I realized that my phone is still running on 2.3.6 and had to get THAT version rooted first before I did anything. So I got it rooted and grabbed the ICS update that is sitting online from Rogers and got it onto my phone. Only problem is that you need to put the phone into the 'recovery mode' and wipe the old OS and make way for the new.

Thats where my problem sprouted. Ive got the update sitting on my phone and the ROM manager seemed to work ok, but I came across some problems in the 'recovery mode' something about a Status 6 error type code. I did some homework on that, trying to find out what the heck it means inside of Safestrap but nothing. Plus I had already wiped the old data from my phone.

Yep, so I had a bricked Motorola Razr sitting in my lap for about 30 minutes while I fiddeled around with the Safestrap 'recovery mode' and managed to get back into Android. Im grateful but now Im more determined than ever to get the ICS update working on my phone; Ill get it working no matter what it costs! I want those new features that all the Galaxy Nexus people have been toting around for a while now...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brony update?

Yes, if you've seen my Facebook and twitter update it says i'm a Brony. What is a Brony you ask? Well, it goes like thi a Brony is a good guy, who usually does the right thing, which describes me pretty well. The show and community is an outlet for that kind of stuff, just good people getting together and watching an awesome show.

So that's being a Brony in a nutshell.  Nothing complicated, just a cool show and people watching it.  Like I said, my favourite pony is pinkie pie, she's just so random and awesome!  Besides the mane 6 (haha, see what I did there?) it's a tie between vinyl scratch and derpy.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Being alone...

Life is really different when you live on your own. Talking to yourself is a no no and when you don't know anybody else it gets that creepy quiet that happens in movies. I can handle it though, I have my house to keep clean and the occasional movie to keep me sane.  Except when you run out of a show and realize they are still making the next season, le sigh.

Ooh well, that comes with the privilege of living alone: no body to tell you what to do or criticise your decision about something. And since it's getting late, I think I'll call it a night.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Movie Review: Brave

So, I went and saw Brave last night. Ill say this as clearly as I can: GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Especially if you are a fan of the older Disney movies. Of course the animation quality from Pixar is top notch, and Brave does not disappoint in the least. The characters look stunning and life like, the beautiful surroundings set in ancient Scotland are really breathtaking, making me want to visit it and see for myself.

The story is interesting and keeps you guessing on how they resolve the situation and the main character really takes charge and does all she can to see it through and doesn't give up even when things look their bleakest. Its like Classic Disney without songs. Thats as basic as I can get without going into spolier region and like I said, go see this movie. Sorry this is a short post, but what Im really interested in was the trailer for Wreck-It Ralph

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Of Internet! It puts a big smile on my face knowing that I can use the internet all I want and pay a reasonable price for it, unlike Rogers...GRR...Rogers!

So, I thought I was going to be sneaky and sign up for internet from Rogers, which and get on their flexible plan. They started me out on 100MB for 21$ a month which was all right, but then I connected my computer and updated it and right away I passed that barrier downloading iTunes. The update for iTunes was 79MB! Right there most of my first plan was gone updating one program; the next tier was 500MB and I was quickly approaching that one too.

I investigated what I could do and get a nice even rate and good trade off between download limit and speed. Rogers sucked basically. They wanted 55$ for only 2GB a month! I was kind of shocked, but then realized that its not actual Internet that Rogers is selling; its connecting to their mobile network and using their cellular data as a internet connection. So I looked at Shaw.

Shaw wanted 55$ for 200GB a month! So long story short, I just had the Shaw guy here and he hooked up my internet, it took him less than 20 minutes and now Im surfing the web and can download what I want, unless I really push the envelope and download movies and entire seasons of Anime like crazy, but I figure if I only download a few movies here and there I should be fine.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I finally have Internet again! It makes me smile knowing that I can browse sites and update my computer whenever I want to, and whats funny is I totally broke into the second tier for my plan, which is 100MB. What can be done on 100MB? Not a lot; give iTunes and update and you're done for the month. Its crazy but its working pretty well so far, Ive got an all-in-one router-modem keeping me connected to the world, and its nice feeling connected again on a real PC.

Its nice to connect through your phone, but the rendering for webpages is all wrong and it just doesnt feel right when you're browsing on a phone. With a laptop, it works really well, and now I know roughly what I can get and what I should be getting from like McDonalds. Dont get me wrong, I have internet but its all tiered off so if I use more than 500MB the price of my plan quickly jumps up and Id like to keep it under 36$ since thats the 500MB limit. Meaning no netflix, no downloading TV seasons and no anime series either. Oh well, like I said, maybe Ill have to hit McDonalds and see if I could maybe torrent that stuff. Well, I plan on making a Wally World trip here pretty quick and getting myself a broom.

Yes a broom and dustpan. Also maybe some MISC. things for around the house. We'll see.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All by my self...

Hello world, i'm still trying to figure out why being on your own in your own place is cool. Granted I don't have an internet connection, or a comfy bed to sleep in, or pots and pans to cook stuff in. hrm that's probably why this sucks at the moment, but I knew this first month was going to be rough, I just didn't know how bad it was going to be.

I could steal somebody's internet, but that's a big no no and I know where to get cheap pots and pans but i'm also looking to save a bunch of money and get my car highway road ready so I can visit my family.  So I've got plans to put this all together and make it work, though it will probably start next month when I can get things to normal.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

New place!

Yeah I took a bunch of pictures of my place, they are just sitting on my phone waiting to be uploaded into Facebook and my google+ account. I realize now how awesome living on your own can be! You can decide when to go to bed, if you're doing your teeth, what you're eating, its all your choice! I love it!

Monday, May 28, 2012

One Week!

Im really excited! There is only this week and then I get paid and then I move INTO MY OWN PLACE! I can hardly stand it, I know this week is going to fly by and Ive already got some essentials lined up right now, like plates, bowls, smaller plates, and forks and knives and all kinds of tupperware and laundry baskets! One of the bigger things I was missing was a bed but thats been taken care of by a air mattress. Its only temporary until I can save some money and get myself a proper bed; and I still have to save a bunch of money to go down in August and see my family. I know I can save it all and have a awesome time down there.

Im on a huge Barenaked Ladies kick at the moment. It seems thats whats on my phone right now; and all that I listen to, other than the radio on my car. But I found something interesting in my car: my older iphone. I have no idea whats on it and until I get it charged I wont really know; what kind of music or videos or anything is on that little device.

I know its been a while since I posted here, but until I get into my own place and get my own Mental Notes going again Ill tell you guys all about being single and having to cook on your own. I imagine most of the time that this blog will be more about my cooking adventures and outings rather than dedicated Mental Notes. But not get me wrong: there will be Mental Notes, this blog is not going away any time soon.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Making a Post....

Because I can! Yes, I know its a nice day out there, and thats the winds not too bad and that I should be out there walking around and exploring more of the small little spot that Im going to be leaving next month. Heh. I forgot to tell you guys that the apartment place called me back and they want my 800$ Security deposit and then I will have my own place! But it seems in my life that if something good happens then here must be bad.

I picked up the mail and found out that I owe the Government of Canada more money! Yeah! About 111 dollars more! It threw me for a loop, I know I had my taxes done and sent in, but I never thought I would have to pay them more. Oh well, it sucks but I cant let that go on for too long; then the government starts to get antsy and they will start harassing me. But on the brighter side I went to walmart and grabbed some new clothes and some underwear.

I Finally have a Mental Note guys: If you underwear has holes. get new ones! Its that simple. Honestly I wouldnt mind if they had little holes, but theses had big, huge holes and the elastics were starting to break apart, which is why I went and got the new ones.

The only problem with having a smartphone as your communication device is that it drains the battery dry and sometimes I have to charge it overnight and get it ready for the next day, or it drains during the day and I have to charge it up, which is what I need to do today.

Well, now it looks a little bit more cloudy, like its going to rain or something but Im not outside so I cant smell the air; thats a really important factor when predicting the weather is being able to smell the moisture in the air. I used to live on the west coast so I know what the smell of rain is, and most of the time, Im right and the rain will fall. I might poke my head outside and see whats going on there.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Posting!

HA AH! See? I can update this blog more often! I have no idea what Im going to write but hey, I think I know what Im going to write about: which is Apartment Hunting. Sigh. Its not a fun past-time, even after all the advances of the Internet, its still a hard time; because I have never rented a place of my own. And it seems EVERYBODY wants references from previous landlords but I dont have any! I feel Im at a disadvantage since I dont have that under my belt. Oh well.

I had some hurdles, but I just finished submitting my application and I really liked this place, its called Glenmore Heights. If you know the big residential tower right across the street from Chinook Mall then you see it all the time. The best part? Its right on the ground floor, no fighting with elevators at odd hours of the night and its a nice, homey space. So its only 318 square feet, but honestly I wont need much more than that. Its got a fridge and freezer, sink, stove, bathroom with a tub and it would work for me. At least I really, really like the location, its close to work and everything thats right near Chinook Mall, like Home Depot, Co-Op, Future Shop, Staples, and all the eateries down MacLeod Trail. Plus its right easy access to work; just a quick 20 minutes down Glenmore Trail and BOOM! Im at work. Plus it has its own gym. It would save me paying 30$ for a membership I just dont use, and its included in my rent, and hey, its really close by; I would totally go! Im really hoping I get this place, I even might put a video of it empty when I move and do a before and after shot; I think that would be really neat. I could go on and on about this place but Im going to stop right there, because it would be a really long post. Talk to you later guys!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New phone!!

Yes, ive finally got a new phone called the moto Razr and let me tell you right now: i dont know why i didnt switch to this before. I mean, this phone has an amazing screen, the blacks are black and the whites are super bright. It makes me excited to have this phone in my hand right now and the best part is that i have data; so i can get that email i needed and not miss a beat!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Movie Review: Avengers

I went and saw the Avengers tonight and it was awesome! There was lots of star power behind the film and it kicks off right from the get-go with action. Honestly it's one of the best action movies iv ever seen in my life. Really.

It's also got very good comedic timing and the bantering that goes on-screen between the characters is really good; it really brings each character to light that they are just people who happen to have great power.

In short: go, run see this movie. Hell, see it 2 times. I know I will.

Sunday, May 6, 2012 post!

My previous posting was unfair to my ex. We tried to make things work, but it just didn't happen.

So now I've got a new post! What it's about I have no idea until my awesome droid razr phone comes to the store. There is a great big deal with the phone so I'll just give the skinny on the whole thing.

I got an upgrade and gave it to my ex and kept my iPhone; and a contract is 3 years. Now that we are separated I'm stuck with a broken phone(I have to be in the same room to get wi-fi. It's quite sad) but I used one of my 'product replacement' tokens that you get once a year. I got the razr but they told me that I had to sign on for another year.

Sure! I'm already in a 3 year contract and plan on making the razr my primary communication device and add data so what's another year?

So now I'm just waiting for the phone call from Rogers telling me to come pick it up and I will have a new phone.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another year. And older too

Yes, I had my birthday yesterday. Did I celebrate? In a way, yes; I went to peters and got myself a burger and fries and to 7-11 to get a slurpee. I still went to work, and basically it was another day, like the one before it. It's kind of tough to get excited for birthdays after 21 or so. I mean, if you take the day off of work, you don't get paid for it, and you can't pound back the cake and ice cream like you could because your body has matured and needs vitamins and other balancing stuff right?

Well, I should leave early for work, since it's SNOWING out. Yeah, the 2nd day of spring and it's snowing. They don't call it the great WHITE north for nothin'. Take care everybody.

Monday, March 12, 2012

New Mobile look

Yeppers! there is a new look to the mobile version of the Mental Notes! so if youve got an iPhone, Android, blackberry, or tablet, you should check out the new layout! Well its not a new layout, but the theme is updated to look like the main page so its all good across the platforms! I LOVE when everything works all out.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Zombie Preparedness Guide...Sort of.

So, the title says this is kind of a Zombie guide. Well not so much as a guide as more my thoughts on the perfect place to be when it happens; which is a Home Depot, especially if there was a Walmart or other type of grocery store beside it.

My reasoning is this: with the Home Depot there are lots of options for weapons, defenses, and generally the ability to build stuff and make additions to things you already have. Like using all the plywood and drywall to make a connecting path between the Home Depot and Walmart and using nailguns with the air compressors and not to mention all the spray cans that can be used as flame throwers. Of course being close to Walmart means all kinds of food, clothing, and essentials and building the two of them together was a really smart move. I applaud the person who did that, they're geniuses.

Well...thats all that I have on the minute, because I drive by a place where there is a Home Depot and Walmart right close to each other and it would be a fantastic place to be when the Zombie outbreak happens.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snowed in! Gasp!

Yes, I am snowed in. The roads are sounding pretty bad and the 30+ KM winds don't help the situation. The roads are snow-covered, with icy patches and drifting snow. I already called into work; I don't exactly feel comfy driving in that stuff.

So I'm currently at home silently mocking the brave souls who wish to venture through this stuff. I'm not being mean about it, I just wouldn't do that myself at all.

I get the feeling my day is still going to be full of stuff to do. Like cleaning around the house and maybe even getting dressed but I won't get ahead of myself; one thing at a time.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Everything and nothing.

OOOOHHHH! Blogger got a new update! its streamlined with all the other Google changes! I mean...HI there! I was just looking at all the new-fanciful stuff that the ol'Goog has goin' on. Theres lots of new stuff thats happened to Gmail and google in general.

I like how everything is streamlined and easy to find stuff and its the same across all their different sites, so it all makes sense! I know im gushing about Google right now and it sounds like a massive plug but I cant help it: Google does it best.

Now for something completely different! Yes, I am actually making a post in a reasonable time between 2 posts! Its amazing, and I really feel good doing a brain dump into my blog, I keep so much in there its really amazing to see what I actually know.

So im still in Didsbury and am counting down the days until we are finally moved into our new place, and it will be awesome because what will happen is that we wont be doing the whole traditional move thing. See all of our stuff is already packed in a trailer so all we have to do is unload it and set it up the way we want it. We dont have to pack up a house and unpack in the same day! Its awesome! Soon we will have our internet back and our phone and all our stuff. it makes me smile just thinking about it!

I will make one more plug. So ive been using this stuff called Dirty and i LOVE it to death! Gone is the usual irritation with other 'sensitive' gels and this stuff really works. Guys if you can get a hold of a tub it will work wonders for your face, especially if youve got a battery powered razor! It will take the whiskers right off and leave your skin feeling AWESOME! Its not often I make a plug for shaving cream, but if youre going to get some, might as well get the best you can get and its Dirty!

The entry box for the blog is much bigger and I feel like I need to fill it all...Im not sure but it could be my ADD kicking in. Oh, right. I forgot to tell you all: I suffer from ADD. Well, some days are worse than others, but for the most part I cant keep a thought in my head for more than a couple hours and dont even asked me what I did yesterday: I wont remember. Unless it was something that was fun.

Anyway, since the box is full im going to see how big the post is on the page and I will be back! I always say that but I know this is going to be something that I will take a little part of my day and do. Because Ive got an audience and I know you guys read this(even though I make plugs about google and shaving cream!) Ill talk to you guys later!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Long time no talkie!

Yes its been far, far too long since I updated the ol' blogstead. I totally just made that up on the spot. Lots has happened since I last was on Blogger, I got a new job, I moved out to Small-Town Alberta or better known as Didsbury, and have been travelling back and forth 5 days a week for work in calgary.

Awesome right? WRONG. The reason its wrong is because its living with the In-Laws. Sometimes its quite fun to visit them and see what they are up to, and other times its just better to leave them be but since im living with my in-laws its kind of hard to do when you live with them.

But better news now: we found a place back in C-town and plan the move in the middle of March, right before my birthday and holy cow ill be 27....Im ALmost starting to feel old. But not right now. Maybe when I turn the big 30 will that happen but for right now, I still feel pretty good about my age and where Im at.

Speaking of where Im at I always wanted to loose a few pounds around my middle section and I lost a bit of weight: 32 pounds to be exact. Some of my old clothes dont fit me as well as they once did and ditto for my old shirts; they look like curtains draped over the front of me.

So far thats whats new with me, life will resume to normal next month where Terri and I have some time away from her folks. I love them to death but its nice to get away from them once in a while.