Monday, February 13, 2012

Long time no talkie!

Yes its been far, far too long since I updated the ol' blogstead. I totally just made that up on the spot. Lots has happened since I last was on Blogger, I got a new job, I moved out to Small-Town Alberta or better known as Didsbury, and have been travelling back and forth 5 days a week for work in calgary.

Awesome right? WRONG. The reason its wrong is because its living with the In-Laws. Sometimes its quite fun to visit them and see what they are up to, and other times its just better to leave them be but since im living with my in-laws its kind of hard to do when you live with them.

But better news now: we found a place back in C-town and plan the move in the middle of March, right before my birthday and holy cow ill be 27....Im ALmost starting to feel old. But not right now. Maybe when I turn the big 30 will that happen but for right now, I still feel pretty good about my age and where Im at.

Speaking of where Im at I always wanted to loose a few pounds around my middle section and I lost a bit of weight: 32 pounds to be exact. Some of my old clothes dont fit me as well as they once did and ditto for my old shirts; they look like curtains draped over the front of me.

So far thats whats new with me, life will resume to normal next month where Terri and I have some time away from her folks. I love them to death but its nice to get away from them once in a while.

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