Monday, February 20, 2012

Everything and nothing.

OOOOHHHH! Blogger got a new update! its streamlined with all the other Google changes! I mean...HI there! I was just looking at all the new-fanciful stuff that the ol'Goog has goin' on. Theres lots of new stuff thats happened to Gmail and google in general.

I like how everything is streamlined and easy to find stuff and its the same across all their different sites, so it all makes sense! I know im gushing about Google right now and it sounds like a massive plug but I cant help it: Google does it best.

Now for something completely different! Yes, I am actually making a post in a reasonable time between 2 posts! Its amazing, and I really feel good doing a brain dump into my blog, I keep so much in there its really amazing to see what I actually know.

So im still in Didsbury and am counting down the days until we are finally moved into our new place, and it will be awesome because what will happen is that we wont be doing the whole traditional move thing. See all of our stuff is already packed in a trailer so all we have to do is unload it and set it up the way we want it. We dont have to pack up a house and unpack in the same day! Its awesome! Soon we will have our internet back and our phone and all our stuff. it makes me smile just thinking about it!

I will make one more plug. So ive been using this stuff called Dirty and i LOVE it to death! Gone is the usual irritation with other 'sensitive' gels and this stuff really works. Guys if you can get a hold of a tub it will work wonders for your face, especially if youve got a battery powered razor! It will take the whiskers right off and leave your skin feeling AWESOME! Its not often I make a plug for shaving cream, but if youre going to get some, might as well get the best you can get and its Dirty!

The entry box for the blog is much bigger and I feel like I need to fill it all...Im not sure but it could be my ADD kicking in. Oh, right. I forgot to tell you all: I suffer from ADD. Well, some days are worse than others, but for the most part I cant keep a thought in my head for more than a couple hours and dont even asked me what I did yesterday: I wont remember. Unless it was something that was fun.

Anyway, since the box is full im going to see how big the post is on the page and I will be back! I always say that but I know this is going to be something that I will take a little part of my day and do. Because Ive got an audience and I know you guys read this(even though I make plugs about google and shaving cream!) Ill talk to you guys later!

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