Friday, September 30, 2011

Security and Privacy

There has always been a fine line between the two and it becomes very confusing about where to draw the line between what needs to be known and people's privacy.

I believe that privacy should supersede security only in your own home. But in public places like airports, taxi cabs, shopping malls, security should prevail. The reasoning behind this thought is that people are already paranoid to some extent; either from what they see in media or personal experience. It's one thing to keep people secure, it's an entirely different matter when homes and personal spaces are invaded in the name of security.

Honestly, I don't mind cameras watching me in public, it doesn't make me feel any safer or more paranoid: right now it's just a fact of life. Unless you are in a position of power, there's nothing to be done but sit back and watch the battle unfold. I believe the only private place left is your home and bathrooms. Those right now are the only two places one can go where there are not cameras watching them.

But the moment governments move cameras into homes, there will be hell to pay. The home is a personal space, one that gives you comfort; but if there are cameras there, how can one feel comfortable anywhere? This is my biggest fear, is that governments will move cameras into private places in the name of security and people will mindlessly accept them into their homes. People have a right to privacy and security.

Prying into people's private places in the name of security is the worst thing a government or group can do. Human beings are naturally secretive, and invading that would only cause trouble.

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