Sunday, June 24, 2012


Of Internet! It puts a big smile on my face knowing that I can use the internet all I want and pay a reasonable price for it, unlike Rogers...GRR...Rogers!

So, I thought I was going to be sneaky and sign up for internet from Rogers, which and get on their flexible plan. They started me out on 100MB for 21$ a month which was all right, but then I connected my computer and updated it and right away I passed that barrier downloading iTunes. The update for iTunes was 79MB! Right there most of my first plan was gone updating one program; the next tier was 500MB and I was quickly approaching that one too.

I investigated what I could do and get a nice even rate and good trade off between download limit and speed. Rogers sucked basically. They wanted 55$ for only 2GB a month! I was kind of shocked, but then realized that its not actual Internet that Rogers is selling; its connecting to their mobile network and using their cellular data as a internet connection. So I looked at Shaw.

Shaw wanted 55$ for 200GB a month! So long story short, I just had the Shaw guy here and he hooked up my internet, it took him less than 20 minutes and now Im surfing the web and can download what I want, unless I really push the envelope and download movies and entire seasons of Anime like crazy, but I figure if I only download a few movies here and there I should be fine.

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