Thursday, June 14, 2012


I finally have Internet again! It makes me smile knowing that I can browse sites and update my computer whenever I want to, and whats funny is I totally broke into the second tier for my plan, which is 100MB. What can be done on 100MB? Not a lot; give iTunes and update and you're done for the month. Its crazy but its working pretty well so far, Ive got an all-in-one router-modem keeping me connected to the world, and its nice feeling connected again on a real PC.

Its nice to connect through your phone, but the rendering for webpages is all wrong and it just doesnt feel right when you're browsing on a phone. With a laptop, it works really well, and now I know roughly what I can get and what I should be getting from like McDonalds. Dont get me wrong, I have internet but its all tiered off so if I use more than 500MB the price of my plan quickly jumps up and Id like to keep it under 36$ since thats the 500MB limit. Meaning no netflix, no downloading TV seasons and no anime series either. Oh well, like I said, maybe Ill have to hit McDonalds and see if I could maybe torrent that stuff. Well, I plan on making a Wally World trip here pretty quick and getting myself a broom.

Yes a broom and dustpan. Also maybe some MISC. things for around the house. We'll see.

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