Saturday, July 21, 2012

Posting for the sake of posting!

Ha! I like to think I'm awesome and when i blog i prove it to myself! So I've had a few different people from work say that i should go into voice acting for cartoons! could you imagine how totally awesome that would be? Having your voice and character immortalized forever? It makes me regret getting rid of my kick ass microphone that i wasn't really using at the time, but the best way to get into voice acting is getting your voice out there!

Which is what I'm planning to do now, I've gone through some topsy-turvy spots and i think that i could do really well in voice acting. I just need a microphone. And groceries, heh, I've kind run out of food at the moment but i have money so a trip to Walmart will fix that right up, who knows, they might even have mics there too!

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