Sunday, July 8, 2012


Sandwich that is! See its like this: Motorola likes the rest of the world so much that they gave them the Ice Cream Sandwich update and left Canada in the cold! Heck even South Africa has the ICS update before we do! Really Moto? Thats not cool at all, now Im trying to put the update onto my Razr phone and its already quite the process!

Well first I was trying to root my phone using a 4.0.4 rootkit and wondering why it wasnt working at all. I realized that my phone is still running on 2.3.6 and had to get THAT version rooted first before I did anything. So I got it rooted and grabbed the ICS update that is sitting online from Rogers and got it onto my phone. Only problem is that you need to put the phone into the 'recovery mode' and wipe the old OS and make way for the new.

Thats where my problem sprouted. Ive got the update sitting on my phone and the ROM manager seemed to work ok, but I came across some problems in the 'recovery mode' something about a Status 6 error type code. I did some homework on that, trying to find out what the heck it means inside of Safestrap but nothing. Plus I had already wiped the old data from my phone.

Yep, so I had a bricked Motorola Razr sitting in my lap for about 30 minutes while I fiddeled around with the Safestrap 'recovery mode' and managed to get back into Android. Im grateful but now Im more determined than ever to get the ICS update working on my phone; Ill get it working no matter what it costs! I want those new features that all the Galaxy Nexus people have been toting around for a while now...

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