Friday, August 17, 2012

Nexus 7 and Goodbye PCs.

Like the title says, I got myself a Nexus 7 and am ditching the PC world. I have a PS3 now and can play awesome games on that and for the most part my PC gets used for looking at websites, Youtube and reading stuff online. I havent watched any movies that I had stored on my laptop and I figured rather than upgrading to a new PC with all the bells and whistles and dropping some serious money, I figured I would get a tablet.

I looked at this one and thought it would be a good substitute and would go with that one. I was determined to get it, but then saw the Nexus 7 sitting right next to it in the store. It was only 60$ more, with double the memory and the next step in the processor.

How could I refuse? I asked the folks at Futureshop if they had one, but was denied, "You cant find these in Calgary. They're sold out everywhere..." I was determined and there was another Futureshop on the way home and thought Why Not?

I got there and then asked, one went into the back room to see and the other guy chatted me up about the rumours about Apple's 7 inch marvel, which I scoffed at, and then from the back, a man came back with a box: It was a Nexus 7! I just about flipped my lid, we walked to the cash register, and he sighed, saying that he was going to buy that one after work! I smiled inside, and then a SMOKIN' hot girl came up to me and showed me her Nexus 7 saying that she loved hers. My grin couldnt be any bigger as I walked out the store, knowing I swiped the tablet of awesomeness right from their hands and will put it to good use.

Since this is my last post on a PC I figured that it would be cool to do a little send off for PCs, but I cant think of anything right now. Oh wait! Thanks for the games, word processors, and all that other stuff you do. Im gone to tablets and will never look back.

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