Monday, August 20, 2012

:| I made that emoticon

That's basically my expression at the moment. See I'm about to go on vacation and thought it would be good to arrive early and best whatever crowds would bee in the airport. Only to realize that i managed to get there 6 hours early, and that i can't check in buy have to wait until the 2 hour mark before i can even get my boarding pass printed.

I honestly thought about bringing my nexus 7 tablet but decided against it, because my phone can already do the stuff that the tablet can do and didn't make sense to bring it.

I know I'm going to need a nap when i get to my destination! I will be one sleepy man when i get there.  And its exactly like my coworker said: I'd be too excited to sleep and presto, its happening just looker he said it would...

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