Thursday, May 21, 2009

I happened to stumble across this...

I found something very interesting just now from Google. Take a moment to read over this webpage.

This suddenly reminds me of a very scary computer program that has been pretty much the central role in four movies so far. Do you know what Im thinking of? Skynet.

Google has crafted their own version of Skynet. Is anyone worried about this? I mean, just reading it over, it creeps me out to no end; although I will admit, life could be a whole lot better when Google manages to get into every electronic device created. Think you could be downtown somewhere wanting really good curry. You would get out your phone, and say: Downtown Calgary, good Curry.

And viola! It would find it for you. 'Course it already can do that on my iPhone but still, its kind of creepy that Google would go in this direction. Its even made its own webpage.

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Timmah said...

Hey Tyson...So um.....Europe, or England, they have a satelight system that came out last year that controls their military stuff, and they named it Skynet. Now thats creepie! Later brotha.