Monday, November 5, 2007


I want a kitty cat....I have lots of reasons why they are better than dogs. First off, they dont slobber all over everything. Dogs seemingly constantly want attention, which wears me out after about 20 minutes or so. and for the most part, they are not really loud.

When I move into my own place after doing a couple of important things I am getting a cuddly kitten. I already have a name picked out: she will be called Yuki. Short and simple. But thats only after I can pass my certifications for my future job. For the most part, life is simply normal.

...As normal as my life could be. I learned my long-time friend suddenly had the urge to meet her online friend way in Northern Cali, which surprised me, and came to me for advise on how to travel on a Greyhound. However, Im always happy to help people in need, especially friends. If they call, I come running! But enough about that. After my compy performs its updates, I will get on my Wii and download Super Mario Brothers 3 and take it to my Brother-in-law's house so we can play.


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