Monday, October 8, 2007


Its quite nice when you are moving and you have a great, big truck to haul everything on. Thats exactly how my move went; yes, I am in a different location now in Springfield. Now I gotta go to the DMV and get my Drivers card changed and get mail forwarded and all that stuff associated with moving. Its not too bad, my new room is much bigger, and it comes with its own light! the room I had before had no such thing, and had to use a lamp to give myself light. There is so much room here I have no idea what to do with it all! its almost twice as big as my old room, which is cool, and my room-mates are cool too.

Well, they are my little sister and her husband, but its all right. They have their space, and I have mine. OOOH! The smash bros webpage is about to be updated, and I dont want to miss it! I will post something else here probably within the next few days or so.

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