Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pretty Awesome things...

happened so far today! I went for an interview at 7-11 and he wants me to come in on Sunday to fill out all kinds of paperwork and get started on the night shift that Monday! Happy day! I will be getting paid more in 6 months than I would ever dream of at Costco. They want to start me off at 10 then an extra dollar right off the bat for doing night shift, then the certification for the computers and cash register and things thats another 1.75; are you with me so far? thats 12.75 within the first three months. After the probation period I can sign a contract for 6 months(basically saying I will work there doing night shifts) and get an extra 2 dollars for that!

14.75 is the grand total after three months and signing the contract. How awesome is that?

Anyway after walking home from the interview, I unlocked the deadbolt for my grandmothers place and then tried the door handle: it was locked. I dont have a key for the door handle. Basically I was locked out for a little while and called my grandmother who locked the door handle this morning because she had a key. So...I did what I had to do and removed a screen window from downstairs and uh...broke into my own place of residence. It would have gone much more smoothly if I didnt have to take off my snow boots while sitting on the ledge wishing I could touch the ground. So yeah, lots of interesting things happen to me, but I guess thats life.

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