Monday, January 12, 2009

Hittin' the street II

I'm using lots of data to send this so I will be brief. Nothing is biting it's kind of like fishing; only if you don't catch anything you loose big time. I will edit this when I get home.


Yep, I got home at around 6 and like my previous two sentences say, its alot like fishing. I was just helping Ken put some pictures from his camera onto his PC so he can edit them and burn them to a DVD and send to somebody for safekeeping.

As I said earlier, its kind of hard looking for a job here in Calgary. Stores are really cutting back on hours and trying to let people go so they can save themselves a bit of money in the recession. Makes it hard on people looking for work, but whatever, that means Ive got to work that much harder for people to hire me right?


Jen said...

So are you regretting your iphone decision yet? What happens if you can't find a job? I don't know why you never listen to your sister.

Timmah said...

Tyson!!! Hey, um.........are you going to send that controller?? If your not, I'll find one here. How much are you willing to sell your PS3 for? Remember, I know how much you paid for it :o) Love ya man,


Jenny Westheaven said...

Here's to good luck! :3 I know you can find one! And when you do, I better find you at Anime Expo '09. D:< <3